What Are The Odds

When searching for some yoga classes in India, a teacher training course in order to deepen my practice and knowledge in Yoga philosophy, When searching websites, and there he was. I could not believe it. Gosh, it was 6 years ago. I was in India in a totally different city then the one we've met. He was teaching informal classes and I didn't expect to see him in the site.

At first his friendly presence was comforting and a gift for me traveling on my own. He loved teaching me stories of the Indian gods and we would do things together. Eventually we only did things together, and he tried to push away anyone. When going to an Indian dance class (katak), one day I had to shout and repeat clearly several times that I-did-not-want-him-to-come-with-me. My teacher asked me for my body gard and when I explained that he was not my boyfriend she showed deepest concern. When eating once in a different place, hiding from him, it did not take long for him to find me. How did he find me? Simple: he went to all the other restaurants looking for me. I told him to leave me, and I left to a different city with acquaintances.

When I saw his pictures, at first it brought me back the despise. When you create a sweet friendship that people tell you their deepest emotions and you open up, the situation may change where you may need to put your foot down. On my way home from work, Nina Simone was playing and "I've got myself" was playing. And clearly he told me a story, when he was small he was in an orphanage and there was a sweet lady that was always very nice to him and would console him in low moments saying "look, you have lovely hands, look at you arms...you are perfect, don't be sad". And I could melt this part of me for him that was frozen. 

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Be careful with this guy. The things he does is not healthy. Sounds like a potential stalker.

uh, no! No intention to be in touch with him!! =) cheers for the concern ;)