Journey From Engagement To Marriage 2

This is part 2, part 1 - EP Link

The wedding date was fixed, it was 6 months from engagement.

Aman wanted Naina to tell him the 3 words "I love you"... Though they speak over the phone for hours together, Naina never confesses, Aman was a little disappointed. He decided that before the wedding date, he would make Naina confess her love to him.

Aman was a little egoistic, when he was at college, he was a very good student, normally his sharp eyes got admiration from women folks - but he never felt, love for anyone - unlike he felt for Naina. He was the reserved type. Naina on the other hand was a very outgoing type, she has many boys proposing to her at college and workplace - but she wasn't interested in anyone. For her the moment she saw Aman - sparks flew. it was love at 1st sight clearly. And since this were their 1st love, Aman and Naina were a little childlike - they tease each other playfully in every possible way.

One day, Aman visited Naina's home - He drove his car to Naina's home - Naina was unaware of this. Aman wanted to spend sometime with Naina.
It was a usual Wednesday, a beautiful rainy day - as Aman reached Naina home, he ringed the bell and was waiting for the door to open, the door was opened by Naina's father. Naina's father was surprised to see Aman, he and his wife warmly welcomed their future son in law, as Aman entered the living room, his eyes started searching for Naina, Naina was at the breakfast table, it seemed she was getting ready for office. He said to his future father in law, that he has arranged a small party for his frnds and he would like to take Naina with him to introduce her and asked for Naina's father's permission. Naina's father consented, he also asked Naina to put to take a day off at office and go out with Aman. Aman was quitely planning something in his mind.

Naina was a little shocked as well as excited on hearing this. A day with her future husband - it was like a date to her, she has never been on dates...
She went to her room, got ready - her mother followed her - her mother insisted Naina to wear a saree, as Naina always looked beautiful in saree.

Naina knew Aman would like her in Saree, she wore a light blue saree with a silver border - she was looking gorgeous... As she walked downstairs to the living room, Aman was stumped, it was like he had never ever seen a girl like this before, he was controlling his reactions to avoid embarrassment from his future in laws.. As Naina was ready, Aman and Naina started. - Naina's mom and dad felt like they were parting with their daughter like she was already married.

Aman opened the car door for Naina, as Naina stepped in, he closed the door, he sat in the drivers seat - He just looked at Naina who was sitting beside, she was looking divine, as usual he was looking at her and she was looking at the floor of the car. He said to her, "Naina you look beautiful, you just took my breath away as you walked down the stairs to the living room". Naina as usual smiled without looking up.

Aman was mesmerized, it was like he was in a trance and unable to wake up. He started the car. Lovers were very quite, Naina was preparing to talk and Aman was waiting when would Naina start a conversation. Aman drove to a temple, he parked the car. As this was the 1st time they were going out, he thought going to the temple was a good omen. They both got down from the car, walked into the shire where the pooja happened, they prayed together, went back to the car. All this time Aman was only looking at Naina, the way she walks, the way she prays, in his heart he was thinking, this was the best day of his life... Naina all the while was a little confused on what she is supposed to talk to Aman, how she was supposed to start...

As they entered back in the car, Aman unable to keep quite said "Naina will you not talk to me, you always talk so much to me on the phone, you can atleast talk a little when you meet me in person, how i am supposed to live with a wife who doesnt talk - ok leave off the talking - you can atleast look at me, i am not wierd or something - u see i have 2 eyes, 1 nose, 1 mouth and 2 ears - thats it". To this Naina started smiling, she lifted her eyes slowly up and looked at Aman, her complexion was pink because of all the blushing effect, she was looking so sweet - like a tender untouched flower - Aman was again mesmerized by her beauty, her innocence and her smile...

Aman said, "ok atleast thats better, you started to look at me - I hope you will talk to me sooner. Aman drove Naina to his ancestral home, during the drive he showed her his school, college and his office also the places he hangs out a lot. His ancestral home, was a little outer to the city and his grandpa and grandma live there. It was huge house with traditional architecture - surrounding the house was the paddy fields with a beautiful lake, it was lush green location was large trees - nature was undisturbed there, birds were chirping, the rain made the location greener - Naina has never seen such a happy located home in her life. As Aman took Naina to the home, Aman's grandpa and grandma welcomed them warmly, they were very happy to see Naina - their future grand-daughter. Naina was surprised to see a open balcony in the middle of the house, the rain was pouring in and was beautiful to watch.

Aman introduced Naina, and Naina started to talk with the grandpa and grandma without any hesitation. Grandma took Naina separately and said how good Aman was - She said, Aman was a very good as a child, he was obedient, he always respects elders and takes care of them. The only flaw in Aman was his ego, he never likes his ego to be hurt and Naina has to adjust with Aman on this problem. Naina said, that since Aman has given such a wonderful precious people like grandma and grandpa in her life, she would adjust with Aman. On hearing this Grandma kissed Naina on her forehead, Aman watched them talking from a distance, he was happy.

Grandma and Naina cooked lunch... All the four sat together for lunch, they talked and had the lunch. Grandma and Grandpa appreciated Naina's cooking skills. After the lunch, Naina and Aman decided to take a walk in the fields, as the rain subsided.

Naina started to open up, she said how much she liked his grandpa and grandma... and also the day will so memorable to her for the rest of her life. Then Naina and Aman started to talk about their frnds, college and school life... They walked and walked without knowing in what direction or what time. Suddenly the rain started to pour heavily and Naina and Aman took shelter under a small hut like structure used by the gaurds... Naina was enjoying the rain and Aman was enjoying looking at Naina. He went close to Naina, Naina realized Aman wanted to kiss her, she also leaned forward, then they kissed - it was passionate... They heard a servant calling out Amans name, as it was raining the servant came to give an umbrella to Aman and Naina. Aman and Naina were slowly acknowledged what was happening and came out of their kiss... As the umbrella was handed over they started to walk back to the home. They were clasping hands tightly as they walked back.

Aman said that Naina would tell him the 3 magic words today, but she has already said more... words are not needed anymore.. Naina smiled and as usual didnt say anything back... The reached the home, as it was already 5.00 pm in the evening the decided to start back. Grandma and Grandpa wished them, told them how happy they were to see them to gether. Grandma handed a ancestral piece of jewellery a pendent to Naina. It was a beautiful pendent, it was heart shaped with a tiny diamond... Naina wore the pendent. Naina and Aman started back.

Naina asked whether Grandma and Grandpa are the frnds he was talking in the morning to her papa, to which he said no, he has somemore frnds which he wanted her to meet... He drove to his sisters house - His sister and her husband, welcomed them warmly - they spoke for sometime and Naina and Amans sister were already frnds... Amans sister was telling her Amans school stories and finally all the 4 sat for dinner.. Post dinner Aman and Naina started back to Naina's home. As they reached Naina's home, Aman kissed Naina on the forehead and said Good night, he walked Naina to the door, bid good bye to Naina's family and left. Naina told her mother and father - her meeting with Amans relations and all, and she left to her room.

She could not sleep today, this is the 1st time she has ever kissed and it was a magical day for her.... She was thinking of Aman, they way he kissed her - so softly. She was talking a deep breath, she was lying in her bed, it was 5.00 o clock in the morning, Naina saw her cellphone ringing, it was Aman, Aman said he loved her, Naina acknowledged, he asked her for a kiss and Naina said how to could she give a kiss, She started asked he remember's her only now, why didnt he call her up in the night - she said she has not slept throughout the night and was waiting for his call - he asked her to come to her balcony, she went to the balcony - Aman was standing across the street, waving to her - drenched in rain on his bike, the look on Naina's face was pretty intense at that time, she cant believe Aman just drove back just to see her from a distance, they gazed at each other for sometime. Aman waved bye and left, Naina was overwhelmed with love shown by Aman.

Naina felt herself completely in LOVE. this feeling was magical and she cannot wait to start her life with Aman. As usual she started to office that day, but with her mind completely thinking of Aman... She finished work and came back to home - As she reached home, her mom told her, that Aman got sick with fever as he got drenched in rain yesterday and asked whether Naina was feeling okay and whether she got drenched in rain as she and Aman were together. Naina replied she is okay.

Naina was concerned about Aman, she called him up and spoke with him. And teased him that kids should not drench in rain and that they would get a fever. Aman told if he received a kiss from her the fever would vanish and he will become hail and heathy again.

The wedding date was nearing and the romance was high. Naina's wedding shopping began. The cards were printed and distribution started. Naina started having the feeling of leaving her home, he felt sad. She brought a collection her moms favorite music CD'S, for her dad a collection of books, for her brothers - shirts, tie's and watches - she kept these as surprise parting gifts. From her child hood days she never throws anything away, she has saved all her yearbooks, the pens she wrote her board exams etc... She packed everything... As the day came nearer and nearer, everday she would lie down in her mothers lap and listening to her childhood stories. Her father could not express his feeling, he would bring her a gift everyday till her marriage. Her brothers were the busy organizers of the wedding, they took care of every bit - from the flowers to the curtains, reception halls, food, pandits etc...

Naina started remembering her childhood days, when she used to learn cycling - her brothers thought her. They would run on each side of her cycle to protect her from falling down. Naina was always protected in every way. Even in school, when boys misbehave, she used to run and inform her brothers who were in senior classes in the same school - Her brothers used to fix the problems...

She was remembering all the days she has spend with her family, the moments she treasures and she wrote private letters to each and everyone..

The days were going and her heart was becoming heavy and heavy...

A week before the wedding, Naina's entire house was busy with work - her mom dad and brothers were very busy with their work. And it was very early in the morning Naina was sleeping in her bed, she felt like someone walked into her room, normally it would be her mom, to wake her up, and Naina would normally ask her mom to sit in the bed and without opening her eyes she would rest her head on her mom's lap and sleep for somemore time. Today the same thing happened, Naina was telling her mom, she is scared of the marriage as she would miss the entire family... and she is so irresponsible and how is she gonna take care of the new family? Naina was acting childish as usual, suddenly Naina felt something different, she mothers lap used to be soft, she kind of felt she was resting her head on something hard, she woke up and saw a pair of legs wearing jeans - IT WAS AMAN. Naina was embarrassed to the Core. Aman was smiling at her, he never knew this version of Naina, Naina was in her night gown , she got up and covered herself with sheets and she was thinking her hair must have been messed up as usual, she was feeling insecure...

Aman just pulled Naina towards him and hugged her tightly, He told Naina, he loves Naina, it doesnt matter wat dress she is in or her hair is messed up. Naina asked him how he made to her room, he told that everybody in her house was busy, he informed her mom that he wanted to meet her. And her mom asked to meet her in her room, so he came up. He also added Naina was very cute when she was sleeping. He told her, that he understands her confusion and sadness of leaving her home, he promised that they would be constantly in touch with her parents and brothers. He gave her a kiss, the last kiss before the wedding and a gift - a pearl necklace...

Naina and Aman kissed and hugged for hours before they parted that day.

The wedding date came, Naina gave the gift to her mom dad and brothers, the family had a group hug & happy tears as they went to the wedding hall.

Naina was dressed up in a beautiful red saree, Aman was looking very handsome in his groom suite, they had a beautiful wedding, exchanged vows ... And now Aman adorned the mangalsutre on Naina making her his wife.

Aman and Naina lived happily ever after.. They adjust with each other in always, they share their lifes beautifully - though it was an arranged marriage, it was love marriage at the end.

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