My Teddy Story

Disclaimer; I'm drinking so I will try to make this understandable.

I was in the fifth grade and Teddy Ruxbin was all the rage. The toy was fairly new to the market and the cool, younger kids got it for Christmas.

School was in session. I went to a very small school in a very small town. The school consisted of grades 1 through 6. As I said, I was in the 5th.

I remember a girl in the forth grade I think had brought a Teddy Ruxbin in on day. I guess it was for show and tell... not really sure.

Around lunchtime, me and two of my sidekicks, the three amigos as we were known, got restless.

We somehow got to talking about the Teddy doll, how it sang and danced around. We thought it would be cool if it would sing something better than whatever BS it normally did.

Enter Dire Straits.....

The Brothers in Arms album had recently released and the three amigos loved 'Money For Nothing.'

Naturally we thought Teddy would really be rocking if he sang that. As luck would be, one of us had that exact tape.

Being a small school, everyone ate lunch at the same time, so we three slipped out and into the classroom holding Teddy.

We found the bear and flipped him over, ejected the tape in his back and installed Dire Straits.

We were really excited. Teddy was about to rock out.

We hit play and held our breath.

It was awesome!!!!!
The music started.... a wailing guitar.
Then the lyrics......
Teddy was singing Dire Straits!!.... for about 15 seconds.

It started off just fine, then quickly slowed and died.
We tried restarting him but nothing. Then ejected our tape and inserted the original one and tried to play that, but still nothing.

It seems we had killed Teddy.
We put him back where we found him and went back to the lunchroom.

The girl later found her Teddy dead and complained. Somehow....gee, I wonder why.... the teachers came to the three amigos for answers. We all claimed innocence. No one really believed us, but with no proof had to forfeit the accusations.

But for a sliver of time, Teddy did Dire Straits. And albeit short lived, it was worth it.
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