Right Here Waiting For You !

I wake up, with you thoughts running in my mind...
my eyes are tired from searching you for a long time.

I keep waiting for you to come, and you seem to be this distant never ending dream of mine. All my life i thought God has created me for you, i can never see another man, my heart goes longing for you everyday, every hour...

Where are you? When are you gonna meet me... Dont you want to live with me... Dont you want to see your unborn children, am seeing them everyday - in my world. Sometimes i wish dreams were true, you know what recently my dreams are starting to fade, I feel i will forget your face soon, everything is fading, i dont want to lose your memories, i dont want to lose my dreams, they are the only possession of you i have got...

Come back, there's no life for me without you,
Come back, so that i can stop this ballet,
come back, so i can stop my cry
come back, so i can stop writing in pain

When i love you more than God, then why are you so far away....

GirlThinking GirlThinking
26-30, F
1 Response Jul 20, 2012

nicely expressed .