What Would I Do If I Fall In Love

With a warm and a tender feeling of belonging to someone, as a smile curve my lips make - i would wake up early in the morning...

As my eyes open up, feeling secure and satisfied. With his thoughts running in my head i would get up and smile to myself. The words he said to me would be making waves in my heart and early thoughts.

My eyes will be searching for him, and my hands would already be missing his touch... With ultimate feeling of liveliness, i would walk across to take a bath - again thinking of him all the time - As I look though my closet, in my bathrobe - i would want to wear something that pleases him, something nice and elegant, something he likes, something his eyes can treasure.... I would again smile at myself to have become his... I am not me anymore I have become his... Even the way i tie my hair, is for him to see - the whole world is empty without him.. With him the world is overwhelming.. The once strange habit of dressing for myself is gone, now i am his possession and only his...

As I wait to meet him, my senses crave for him. As he shows up, with elegance i join him, my eyes look for his approval on the way i look, my heart waits for his 1st words that he gonna utter, my hands wait for his hands to grab mine - I want to walk with him and my mind & heart wants to listen to him as he speaks....

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2 Responses Aug 3, 2012

This actually gave me butterfles as I was reading, it's really beautiful.

Thats because we have a lot in common... feelings thoughts culture :)

I think the above is true for every girl who has truly fallen in love..

very beautifully expressed.

Thank u.. :)