Horrible Day

It was sunday and as decided by me and my friends we went to watch a movie but everything was miserable... my whole mood was ruined up by my boyfriend or i should say my ex.
we all were 8... we got the ticket of 12:30 pm and it was 11:00am so we had one and a half hour to spare.. we were two girls and 6 boys.. and all the boys ran by leaving me and my friend behind.. we somehow came to know that where they were and what they were doing.. they all were drinking beer in the parking lot.. i felt embarrassed as so many people were walking from there and they were drinking in the public.. my boyfriend lied to me that he dint drink bt my friend told me that he did.. my mood was spoiled before the movie but when the movie was going on it was even worse.. my boyfriend started crying neither i was able to talk to him properly and nor was able to concentrate on the movie... it was so stupid to see a guy crying... and he was crying because i told him that i can't trust him anymore because last time he said that,"i swear on you dear i won't drink again without asking you." i still remember those words and that hurt me a lot..
i hate liers and moreover he broke my trust and all of my friends were blaming me that i made him cry and all that ****.. horrible..!! :( :(
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thnx... guys.. its amazing to see these views increasing day by day.. as i m new in EP.. thnx a lot