I Can't Take Much More.

I'm a 15 year old in High school, school started a few weeks ago. Lately I've felt separated from everyone else most likely because I have been. I've been sitting alone at lunch or making up excuses to roam the school to waste time or sit in the office this past week I spent with the new nurse in the clinic but I already know she's starting to get sick of me coming everyday for no reason I'm running out of places to hide. I don't have many friends only about three a guy and two girls, my guy best friend has the same lunch as me but has LOTS of other people he'd like to sit with and there's just no room for me and I don't fit in. My other two best friends one has a different lunch period and the other only goes to school for half a day. But there's more, lately thing's are worse than ever, I used to have great skin and great body but over summer so much stress came into my life that I've gotten problematic acne and gained about 20 pounds and people have noticed and have been picking on me for it including friends and family. I've been starving myself recently and applying acne medicine like it's a religion. Also a current problem my mom is seriously broke not in debt but very broke. I've been eating the 78 cent Asian noodles you can buy at Walmart because that's all she can afford that's only if I do eat. She doesn't know i'm starving myself so she gives me $20 a week for lunch but lately I haven't been getting any money for lunch but I don't want to bring it up because I know she doesn't have anything. Tonight I consider myself lucky because today her boss gave her a present for her hard work recently and she got a prepaid credit card so she's buying me and my sister pizza. So i'm seriously grateful but I don't know how much more of this I can take if anyone has advice it would be greatly appreciated, plus i'm feeling very lonely lately so having someone to talk to would also be great! Another thing I almost forgot is i'm embarrassed to say this but I've been feeling neglected and not getting a lot of attention so I have been willing to perform sexual favors for a few of my ex's just to be payed attention to and be touched or anything really. 
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How am I being used?

you are being used