I hope this story may inspire others, or just get them through a hard time.

My name is Tom, and I'm from Lincolnshire which in England. When I was very young, at the age of 4 I was diagnosed with cancer. Rhabdomyosarcoma, it was under my arm. My mum found it whilst she was washing me. The first thing I remember was having a canula put in, at the time I thought it was because I had a broken arm or something, I wasnt aware of what was ahead of me. I had about 4-5 bouts of Chemo, surgery and radiotherapy. Too this day I still suffer from the scarring. But I fought it and I won.

I had to have monthly checkups and Unfortunatly, on one checkup they spotted something on the X-ray, it was another tumour, but this time on my rib. Now everybody thought that it was the same tumour, it was very unlikely for it to be a different tumour. However I was extreemly unlucky as they found out it was a completely different tumour, it was a P.N.E.T/ Ewings sarcoma, both which are extreemly rare, so rare infact that I stood a better chance of winning the lottery. Again, I had too go through very strong Chemo, Surgery and radiotherapy, it was hell, I became so weak, but I got through it.

Unfortunatly the Radiotherapy has serverly weakened my lungs, I suffered a collapsed lung when I was 13 of which I nearly died of, and I now have Bronchiectasis. The Important thing is I will NEVER give up, I'm always going too fight, its never ever going too beat me. I'm not going to go through all this for nothing, I'm going too write a book about it, I'm going too inspire the world. Cancers made me who I am, and i would never change having it for the world.
tommehturtle1 tommehturtle1
Sep 14, 2012