Chronic Pain Syndrome

I have had a very close member of the family that has had to under go virtually all manner of Pain relieving medication. Spinal injection (this is a huge needle), acupuncture, physio, burning of nerve endings, steroids, pain killers... there is nothing that has worked.

She can walk (short distances), talk and sleep. This is a big plus as she can still do something in spite of the excruciating pain that she undergoes. She sees this as a bonus. Not being bed ridden. I take so much for granted.

She cannot use the computer much because of the neck and shoulder pain.

I have taken her many a time to the hospital.

The Hospital have come up with a name - Chronic Pain Syndrome. They have something for everything don't they?

So the only thing that we can now hope for is Pray.

We take so much for granted
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Omg...way to much for granted we take things, I mean just put ur self in her shoes, how can 1 endure so much physical pain, I mean...

Thank you Zen for your thought. We sure take so much for granted and have to be thankful for what we have

So sorry your family member is going through this. I can empathize with you- I have a close friend whose life was saved by cancer treatment, but is so fatigued and feeling sick that he can barely get out of bed some days. He begs the medical professionals to help, but is only told there is nothing that can be done. Saddens and frustrates me.

Thank you for your comments. We know that we are not alone