A Day In Isolation.

On Tuesday, I skipped school, now, I am a goody goody, nerd, all that but I just didn't want to go. Reason for that fact is yes, I know theses problems seem dumb, but one of my bestfriends, Harrison, has a close friend of his named Allistair and the other Roland. They are ALWAYS together, I mean, sheesh, I'm pretty sure one of them chew and the other one swallows. Anyhoo, they love to bother me, alway's yelling in the hallway's " OH NO MRS. HOTTY COMING THROUGH " or whistling, or winking, they act like creepers. On Wednesday night, I slept over my bestfriend, only friend, Harrison's house, I told him how I did not want to go to school the next day, and even asked for him to be with me the whole day, he said yes, only for me, cause he really cares about school, so do I but school in my eyes is hell hole, for him it's probably giant loolipops and candy, so yes, we went to sleep then the next day put regular clothes on then our uniform over it so his maids, butler, cook and parents dont question us. We did everything we usually do in the morning then left. We went to a woods near my house and took off our uniform clothes and left in the regualr clothes, I was wearing this http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=63944626. We stayedd in the woods for about an hour so no one from Academy can see us or our parent's. We then realized we needed money so he went to his house and I went to mine to get our debit card's, which we maintain with our own money, then we met up back at the wood's, and I realized he kept smirking so I asked him why and he replied " Well, since some of the elderly around here know us, and would tell our parents about us, why dont we go to another place " I was puzzled, I had no idea what he meant, so I asked him to explain so he said " You know that field, with all the flowers, and its basically isolated there? " so I nodded my head and he said " Well, lets go there, but we need to buy food, cause you and I will most likely get very hungry " so we walked casually as if nothing and headed to this little shop, we received many looks from the cashier even got questioned about school and since he was atleast 19 I hoped he would understand when I told him " Look, we just skipped school okay? Haven't you ever done it? " so he gave us a smile and said his lips are sealed and we bought 6 sandwiches and apple juice bottles, then we headed off. As we started walking, I told Harrison that this walk would be a lot, but he said " Come on Blair, it excersise " so I say, " you can walk yourslf I'm gonna go to my house get a little bag and my bike " so with that I turned around and started walking and then I turned around and didn't see him, but then I heard running and when I turned back around I saw him running to his house so I started chasing him and then he stopped and said " Let's meet here when well, when we're done " so then he ran off again and so did I. Keep in mind running with 3 sandwiches and 1 bottle of apple juice and a phone and debit card and wallet in a little bag isnt all that easy. So anyhoo, I try to run home without anything falling, but I make it, and when I reach the door, I see a note on my door which say's " Hello, if you are here for Mr. or Mrs. Ensinghson, they are at work and the butler, maids and cook are in a supermarket across the state, no one will most likely be here until 3:00 which whom Mrs. Blair Enhingson will return home from school. Goodbye, have a pleasent day. " Ah, what a relief to see that, so I get out my keys and open the door, not making noise just incase, so I set down the sandwiches and the bottle of apple juice and run upstairs to my room and look around and under my bed for the basket for my bike, which I never use but need it now, as I look under my bed I finally spot it and grab it, running out my door and down the stairs and put the sandwiches and apple juice in the basket and my wallet and phone then grab it and run outside closing the door behind me and run to my bike, which is in our shed and connect it to the bike then get on and ride to where me and Harrison are going to meet. As I am peddaling, I already see Harrison there and when I arrive he asks me " What took you so long? " with a small smirk so I say, sarcastically " Hahah very funny " so he says " Calm down princess I was just kidding " so I laugh a little bit and say " I know " then we start peddaling and peddaling and peddaling until we finally get there, it so amazing, nothing is around for miles except nature. The flowers, grass, a few butterflies, bunnies and trees is all I saw. Harrison then takes out this little bag of his and apparently he wanted to make it a picnic, he spread out the blanket, and ran off behind a tree, I thought he was you know, gonna do pee but he then came running back with a basket and a few boardgames. I was very confused I mean where did he get all this stuff from? So I ask him " Harri, where did you get all these things from, your starting to creep me out .. " so he said " Well, this morning I knew you wouldn't want to go to school, and I woke up at 4 and couldn't fall asleep so I did all this. " so I hugged him and said " your too sweet, and ofcourse you would know what I would do before I do it " so he says " hey, were bestfriends right? "so I say " right " and we sit on the blanket and then he gets up and gets a soccer ball so we play some soccer, just basic passing the ball, then we lay doown on the blanket and look at the clouds something we would do when we were like 7 and then he held my hand and he said " Blair you are amazing, no you are irredescent, why can't you see that? " he then looks at me, his eyes glistening in the sun, so I say " because I don't see it, but you are an amazing boy, if all boys were like you, maybe I would see some girls at academy with no mascara running down their cheeks " so he got red, and looked back up at the sky, so I then looked at him. He has always been a very good-looking boy, ofcourse thats all I hear girls saying about him, or that he was " hot ", I knew this already, but I don't know. In that moment he was just, just too much, I really have no idea what word this is but he was just, just too much, I can't, he was just too much. The way his hair always looked so soft, and it is but yeah, so lucious, the way his eyes glistened as the sun just barely hit them, the way his smile spread across his face as he just layed there watching the sky with me holding his hand, the way his nose scrunched up * when he gets confused, he does this, its really adorable lol * when he couldn't figure out what type of shape a cloud was, the way my hand fit into his * little things *, the way he made me feel like I was floating on a cloud, the way he laughed at his own corny jokes * hah, no *, the way he kept looking my way and smiled his warm smile at me * not helping my hormones *, just everything was almost close to perfect, well perfection. Until a bee flew right above my face, so I quickly got up and it started chasing me so I ran around, for a while, while Harrison was dying of laughter, until the bee apparently got tired of me and flew away, so I went back to Harrison who was holding his stomach from laughing too much, and sat down next to him, and I kept saying " It's not funny, it could have stung me " while he just sat there laughing saying " Blair it was funny, you have to admit ", now heres the thing, his laughter is contagious, like in this case where I then started laughing with him, until we both finally stopped and he sat up, and so did I and he grabbed my hand's and looked deeply into my eyes .................... for him to laugh at me again * hah, hah -_- * so he stopped, for real this time, and said " Sorry, if I hurt your feelings " with a smirk to it so I said " You didn't, but it wasn't all that funny " so he shook his head saying " To me it was ", then I had an idea which seemed fun, at the moment, to play hide and seek * yes, im not 9 but its still fun for me * so I tell Harrison so he get's up and starts counting, so I look around and run to a very tall tree which is not really that far but then again it kind of is so I climbed it and laughed at my smart place to hide then I didnt hear him. AT ALL. So I got scared ofcourse, and noticed 4 minutes passed, still nothing so I decided to go down, to not remeber how clumsy I was, am and as I was climbing down, I somehow tripped over my own feet and fell down, hard. After a while of laying oon the ground, in pain, I got up, and saw no sign of Harrison so I got very scared, about to pee my pants. I start walking to where we were, then going to the trees that were there, and I finally saw him, thank god. I ran to him and hugged him, he was confused as to why, but he hugged me back, into a warm hug. Then I finally let the hug go and he said " So you know we were playing hide and seek and I guess someone cheated ... " so I glared at him and said " No, I waited, waited and waited and nothing then I fell " me turning around to show him the dirt and leaves. Him replying " Oh, come on princess I had no idea, you okay? " so I said " yeah, im fine, but do you want to go back, and start I don't know sit down for a while? " him nodding his head, apparently he must of thought I was crippled so he picked me up, bridal style and walked to where the balnket was, and layed me down. As he layed me down, his face was just humna-humna, I just wanted to look at it all day, but then he noticed me staring at his face, apparently with a blank expression and asked " Blair, you okay? " so I just nodded my head and spoke, barely spoke though and said " fine ", so he then sat down next to me and just stared at me, kind of heart warming since he was smiling a small soft smile while he did, which made my cheeks feel hot and I am pretty sure I started to blush, so then he started tickling me, which caused me to giggle, then he tickled me more, which caused me to laugh loudly, then he just full on tickled me, which resulted in a tickle fight. So as he tickled me, I tickled back and then I realized I was on him, literally on top of him, and I put his arm's to the ground and felt my cheeks hot again, and the worst part, it was as if I couldn't move, so he just stared at me with a smirk and said " You know Blair, we are a bit too young for this, really young, maybe we should wait? " so I then felt my cheeks feel as if they were just roasting and said " Hah, no, Harrison I just .. " and I got off of him, then I got hungry so we started eating, whoo emberassing moment. As we started eating, I realized he was staring at me, again, which made my cheeks red, again, so I just kept eating and so did he, until we finished and he got up, and walked over to me and reached for my hand and I asked him for what him replying " come on, I wont bite " so I took it, and I got up and he walked me over to the tree that the soccer ball and who knows what else is there and he asked me " it's almost 2:10, wanna do something really quick? " so I just nodded my head slightly confused and he pulled out 2 water guns from behind the tree and started squirting me with water * never do this to a girl, EVER * so I then grabbed one from him and squirted back, us running around squirting water on eachother, until the water was all gone, and we had to leave, so he picked up the blanket and soccer ball and water guns and put them behind the tree so I asked him why and he said " knowing my little princess, we are gonna end up doing this again. " with a wink, and with that we headed home.

P.s. we were wet when we went to our home's, with our parent's questioning us, and since we passed by the wood's we changed again, and before we were going seperate way's, he kissed me with his soft, red lip's.
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