What Reality Is Really Like (in My Perspective)...

Have you ever woken up one morning, looked out of the window and figured out how your day is going to be like, planning all the flaws or boost ups you'll be having and when? Or woken up thinking about how you think you'll feel for the rest of the day, just from the first thing that you lay your eyes upon? We all have done something in our lives, at one point or another at least that makes us feel a certain emotion and we can just predict how the rest of our day will be like just from that one, single emotion for that fraction of a second. But does it always go to plan? Do our predictions really come true?

Just today, I looked out of the window thinking that I would be feeling as I normally do, 'Just another day not doing things that make me happy...' I just stared at the clock on my bedside table, daydreaming how I wish for my life to be like in the future, how I want it to be right now. I was thinking of the kind of people I want to meet, the songs and music videos that I would be singing and dancing in. All my life, my passion has been singing, but everyday that dream fades away; I've been letting it all slip away from me... Today was my audition date for Britain's Got Talent, the beginning of my singing career; or so I thought, what I wished for but I had to let it go because never told my mum that I had filled out the form to audition, because I didn't tell he that I got an email saying that I was a competitor in the show, because I didn't tell her that someone called me just the other day from Britain's Got Talent asking if I had got all of the details and that I knew how to get to the venue but I told her that I wouldn't be able to participate this year; I never told her anything.

So, as I was thinking about this and how my dream was going down the drain, my friend (yes I have friends!) called me to see if I was able to meet up with her. Now, I'm not the outdoor-zee kind of person; I would much rather be at home, stay in my bed and be on my laptop all day, looking at videos on youtube and checking facebook every five seconds, seeing as facebook has ruined so many peoples lives (including mine....). But for some reason, there was a sort of plead in her voice that made me think that she really wanted me there and not to just hang out before we go into school tomorrow. So I got out of bed and got changed. My mum came out with me as she needed to go the the co-operative to get some food. When I left my mum, it wasn't too long until I met my friend (lets call her Bell) and when I saw her, I knew why she wanted me to meet up with her; my other friend (we'll call her Jan) was with Bell. However, Jan had brought other people with her: She had brought her visiting cousins with her. Luckily they didn't stay with us all for long as one of them wasn't feeling too good so they all went. Jan stayed with with me and Bell though, but again, not for long as she needed to go back home for lunch with her family before her cousins went. So it was just me and Bell in town. Jan and Bell were much closer than I was with either of them, seeing as they both went to the same middle school, I think.
Anyway, when Jan had gone, Bell told me how she has noticed Jan has changed so much from how she used to be. I just guessed that it was because she was 'supposedly pregnant' (at 14 too may I add; she never made the brightest of choices...) and that her hormones and emotions were high. Also the fact that we are all teenagers and that our emotions and hormones are all over the place could've been a reason why she has changed, but, who knows, huh?
Since the day went on, we both told stories about our lives and I found out a lot about Bell. We both laughed at each others mistakes and gasped when something shocking happened. We got really close together. So from being all sad that my life long dream was *Starts singing ABBA*'slipping through my fingers' (sorry, ABBA just came on with that song...) I had quite a good day, even if it was chucking it down with rain!

Moral of the story: Don't jump to conclusions.

I know that all of this was a bit hectic but there is meaning to it all. Thanks for reading a story into my life and I do hope that you understand; how you do is up to you....

~This is Rastelle, signing out.~

(I always wanted to say that!!!! =])
Rastelle Rastelle
18-21, F
Nov 25, 2012