I Exposed My Penis To A Woman

One time I was shopping in a mall. I was in a rush so I forgot to put on my underwear.
I was out of breath and I sat down for a breather. I noticed three women, (probaly married) struggling to carry their bags. I went to help them, as I picked them up, one began giggling. I took it to the check-out, and I saw the woman whispering to her friends. She kept staring gormlessly at my penis. I looked down, and I saw a large lump. I crossed my legs and covered other areas on my legs.

They stopped looking and sighed, I realised they were excited at my penis. So to be kind, I opened my legs. I stood and I saw my penis falling out of my shorts. They shrieked (quietly). They strolled over and sat next to me. I turned to them, and they glared at my showing stick and balls. I enjoyed it as much as them. One shuffled closer to my penis. I thought I had to stop, and leave them. I waved goodbye.

Thanks for reading,
Brody. :)
BrodyRodriguez BrodyRodriguez
26-30, M
Dec 5, 2012