Just Things On My Mind.....

So I am feeling the need to get things off my chest.

1: My husband always worries how are relationship is and whether or not I am happy....or I should say if he makes me happy, sometimes it gets a bit overwhelming because he is such a worry wart. ......
I am unhappy with myself in may ways, some I can change and others I can't.
2: I am so worried about my weight and so is my husband(about his)....we both are developing breathing issues with the extra pounds, but neither of us can work out....two children at home and no one to watch them. Both of us enjoy working out but no way to afford childcare and work out at the same time...we motivate each other.
3: Sex life...hmm, my husband is good in bed, but sometimes my body doesn't react the way either of us want it to, he is always trying to get my to ******, but there are phases were I literally feel nothing....I can't get anywhere sometimes, I don't think it's him...because oh can he make me OOO, it might be something health wise, or it might be him...i feel bored with it sometimes, and I try so hard not to be.........ANYONE ELSE FEEL THAT WAY???
4: I brought up trying to bring in another woman into our relationship.........Thoughts? Comment???
5: I really need to free myself from not having any conversation with anyone but my husband, mother, and father.......anyone just ever feel like talking give me a shout......so bored.....Stay at home housewife/mother
6: my head is spinning with so many things that I don't even know where to start at times, then other times its spinning so much I run blank.....
Help? Chat?....Your story???
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I will talk to you, what do you want to talk about?