Animechat Room Chapter 4 Girls And Boys Fight

Shareik,fullD,loged on.Shareik:hi how r u?.FullD:"blush"i-i-im good.Shareik:where r the others?Fulld:um des i have 2 tell u something i have a gf.Shareik:oh thats graet!.Halfd,bow,prince,#1nija loged on.#1nija:awww operation fake girlfried dint work.Fulld:naruto shut up!!!Prince:ohh now she knos.Shareik:what! Show whats all tis about?.Fulld:um i uh i uh lied i dont hav a gf.Bow:lol "pats sashowmaru on the back".Shareik:why u lied 2 me?:(.Fulld:be-cause i wanted 2 impress u so u go out with me.Halfd:woow!So princess r u gana do the man a faver?"Sashowmaru glaers at inuyasha"shareik:show i-i cant."All say ohhh but show"fulld:u hav a heart for someones elces right?.Shareik:yes prince:im really feel odd right now."Evory one but show goes yea lets get out of hear.Bastalavesta"shareik:by show.Shreik loged out.Fulld:no!-wait dont....Go sghi by
Shareik Shareik
Dec 21, 2012