Claw's Story.

It's the story of my life.
My story begins on 24th March '96 , when I was born. I was born in a poor family and even when I was a child , I knew that are two kind of peoples. Those who are working for have a decent life..or to survive and those who are abusing the others only to have money.
I remember that...when I was just 4 years old my dad got a new job....far far away from home. He was working there almost 24/7 and for a very small salary (almost 200-300 $ per month). I was able to call my dad once-two times per week...and I could see him only a few days per year...during the Christmas and Easter. I was alone with my mom...and I missed my dad. My mom didn't had a job...she was forced by my dad's parents to gave up school. My mom was 20 years old when I was born...and it was her last year at school....but she left the school to take care of me...and because of my dad's parents. I don't wanna call them grandparents...because they don't deserve that. I remember how they threaten my mom , and how they were making problems. I remember that one day , they paid someone to put dirt in my and my mom's water...or one day they beat my grandma when she was trying to help my mom to clean the house. My mom was like a slave...and I never saw my mom happy. All of this happened when my dad was not at home.
The story goes on.
I remember...when I was 6 years old that...we had no money. Nothing. No bread on the table. Just a few vegetables from our little garden. And I remember that..I had no money for new clothes..and my cousin , who was the only one who was playing with me a few times per month...when he was visiting me , he gave me some of his new clothes ...clothes that were the wrong size for him. My cousin is with only 1 year older than me. And still...I can remember how I was always playing alone with my toys...and I was looking at the other kids , from the village where I live...I was looking at then how they were playing football. I was just looking at them.
My story goes on.
When I was 9 years old my dad came home . He won some money and he decided to build a new house because my mom couldn't resist much time because of my dad's parents...but sadly my dad had never tried to protect my mom. I still have those memories...when my mom was abused...was like a slave....and she was crying... mom finished school when my dad came home and he goes to the university. Now she is a teacher....she always wanted to be a teacher...and she loves geography. :)
When I was 11 years old , we moved in the new house , far away from those who destroyed my childhood. My mom was a bit happy..and my dad..the same. But meanwhile...I was changed. I started to think only negative. I started to keep everything to myself. My soul becomes black...and I become lost in the endless , dark labyrinth from inside me. I lost all of my hopes....and I realized matter where I stand...I'm alone . I was nothing more than a shadow. I was doing the same things...every day. I was in pain. I had no friends...but it was too late for me. I was always sad...and depressed. It was pure agony...
Year...after year I felt how the pain becomes more and more powerful. I was 16 years old...when I have tried to find myself in that labyrinth...I have tried. And I failed. When I was almost dead inside , someone did the impossible. Someone found me and saved me from the endless darkness.  That person gave me life. Gave me hopes. That person is a true life saver.
I still remember that...I felt the happiness again and my life...have a sense ..a meaning now. Every night I am thinking at those beautiful moments...and I smile. It was like yesterday. Then...I am thinking at my childhood....when I was alone...and in pain. I usually start to laugh...but behind the laughter , it is pain. But I must to be strong.
Now...the present day...
The  life goes on.

Thank you for reading and sorry for my bad english.
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4 Responses Jan 9, 2013

I am impressed. Your story shows that finally God has saved you by a very good person. May God help you and the people you love.

Sad story. So many childern grow up in utter unhappiness. I was glad to hear you have stepped away from the bad memories and are able to move foward. I am proud of you. mini

never forget im here for you no matter how far apart we are you'll always be my little brother

calin :( you have had it rough

no one can change our pasts but we can make our futures