My Story

I have a story to tell. It's not the worst story around here, it doesn't even come close to it, but it is MY story.

I am bullied all my life. It started in my first schoolyear ever, when I was 4! It wasn't that bad, but it developed. In the 3th grade of the primary school, it got some worse. I was a very young pupil, so I got reactions as: "You aren't old enough to play at the big playground, go back to where you belong, baby!". It doesn't sound as bad as it felt.

The teachers, didn't give anything about it, they just let it happen. I learned not to trust anyone but you're friends and family. In the 5th grade, bullies start to attack me, and kept calling my name, and scolding at me with words as pig, stupid, and the worst one: cancerchild (the disease) My dog dog died because of cancer, so that hurted me.

I was scared to go to school, but I never cried when the others bullied me. When my friends started bullie me too, I turned away from them, I played with 7 year old kids, when I was 10. I had no friends in my class, every girl in my class was 'perfect'. expet I. But one thing hurted me the most, My best friend, from when I was 3years old, had alraedy started scolding at me, but he hit me in my stomach. My best friend from past years had hit me! And al the mothers of the bullies, and even my school said it was MY fault! It was my fault and problem that others bully me! At the young age I was then, I really believed it. I really thought I was the problem of everything. That's when everything started to change, I turned into myself. There are multiple times, I stood with a knive in my hand, and a letter to my family in my other hand, thinking: " I'm a problem to others, why am I still here?" But I couldn't do it. I couldn't left the ones who love me.

I hoped everyting will go better, when I went to the secundairy school when I was 12. But I still got bullied, but I made true, real friends, which I can hang on, they were bullied too. But in the 2th grade of the secundary school, I went to another class, but the bullies, went with me. Once I hitted a bully in his face. And I didn't get problems with my teachers. I'm in thirth grade now, together with one of my best friends from 1th grade. The teachers really help me, I still get bullied, but I'm much stronger now! This was my story, I needed to tell it.

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Be strong. Ive. Got your back

Thanks, =)


I forgot one thing to do.... Say thanks to all my great friends on EP, thanks for your support and friendship everybody, remeber: You're the best! =)

awwwwww hun :( be strong ok

Thanks, but like you have said already, it's life =)