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Umm...well... here goes...
This story isn't the most moving or interesting story on here but it's mine, so...have a read if you like ;).
Until I was about 4 I lived in a small farmhouse in England. But my dad wasn't happy there because of my mum's mother. He wanted to move to New Zealand, which made my mum mad, so they compromised with France.
The first 2 years I spent there were the best of my life. I had a whole French farm and surrounding village as my playground! Animals and friends were my constant companions. I'm not quite sure what happened but it turned my life upside down. My parents grew to hate each other.
After countless arguments and such, my mum decided to move out. One day she turned up at school and took me and my brother out halfway through the day. We had NO IDEA what was going on. Neither did my dad.
For a couple of weeks we lived on a strangers sheep farm. My brother and I knew something was wrong but when we asked to see my father my mum said that he was ill. I knew she was lying though, but I didn't understand why.
Meanwhile, my dad was completely panicked and had put me and my brother on the Missing Persons list.
For the next month or so we moved from hotel to B&B to friends' house and loads of other places. My mum tried to placate me with Playmobile. I mean I ask you, Playmobile!? Really?!
Eventually, my dad managed to find out where we were and for a bit we could see him if we were supervised in a police station. A few times I considered running away to find my dad but I had no idea where I was so I figured that was pretty hopeless.
My mum's dad died suddenly. She begged my dad for our passports so that we could go to his funeral, saying that she'd bring us straight back. (Recently, my dad's mother died and my mum refused to let us go to her funeral!) When we got to England we stayed there. And I've been here ever since. That's 4/5 years!
We now visit my dad in the holidays. He's still in France. When I was younger I went to court 3/4 times to try to convince the judge to let me live with my dad. I've given up on that now as I realise that I could never get back to the life I had, that's gone now.
But hey life goes on, and on the plus side: I'm top of my class in French! XD
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