A Story Of An Intendant Crusader But No One Listened To The Name Aitan Antannii

this story has already by now been foretold,but no one bothered to listen unto the one they call the antannii, aitan antannii. rockets will be equipped underneath his feet and the days of his human life would come to an end. aitan dies on earth to enter the spiritual life.as he was in the spiritual life something very deep awakened from within him. it was his mission and his job to save humanity from the target of galactic extra terrestrial slavery from the races of many other alien people who took refuge of humans, and went against aitans will to lead the chosen 4 others who will join him on his galactic quest to save humans once and for all.

as aitan has said this now NO ONE, would even bother to listen to what he had to say but for those who do not listen will pay for it in return by aitan antannii proving himself to be an alien to this planet earth through the incarnated state. because of what is really there in aitan and his other solar planet that exists called KLYPTON.

aitan states so many times that on his incarnate alien life he had no light on his planet other then earth who do have light on there planet.
aitan will not continoue to state what he has to say anymore in forums or any other website he will simply do whats neccessary to save humans, and he or she who do not believe him will witness the other races of alien people to enter the earth and all its major cities. so that humans may LISTEN , to what aitan has to say.

that is the only way they will listen to aitan that this submerged galactic event is near and humans need to prepare themselves for a galactic slavery and attack event on there planet.

herbolas meridius said only this unto me aitan antannii- I hate this f**** hole of a planet and I want to take humans as slaves. a message from another galactic being an alien to this planet in which herbolas has left the planet earth for now and will be coming back for the extermination and slavery of all humans.

but he who hears my name and believes in me aitan antannii will all be foresee the saved humans from this threat. no humans will be spared said herbolas the alien but aitan the alien says. I AM COMING BACK FOR YOU HERBOLAS AND I WILL STOP ALL OF YOU!!!! even if I have to pick you all up with my rockets my galactic armies that are with me will message the human alliance that aitan has returned from the dead of his rising ashes of the alien face flags that burned aitans body to dust.

his ghost appears in the blue a man armed with rockets an alien man known as aitan antannii. a message for the galactic federation from the beings who saved all humans and brang them to galactic salvation. if you do not believe in aitan or see that he has 100% proof of how and what he says when he says it. if no one now chooses to believe in him they will foresee the events unfold.

aitan will never leave this planet earth and he will perform his vows for the human race.
for there is only small amount of time to act where humans will also rise to galactic salvation and inner balanced salvation.
aitan20 aitan20
26-30, M
Jan 21, 2013