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This Is A Fragment Of My Life I Would Like To Share It With You (Part 1)

Honestly, i don't know from where i can start so i will just leave my heart take the lead.

Back to past, i have never thought of what i want i just did what my parents wait from me, not just them my teachers , my grandparents... (almost everyone close to me )
I just lived to make them happy because i felt happiness when they are happy.

My first friend was a teacher of Arabic language, she was my inspiration.She was friendly and beautiful, i love her from my heart til now.
I was thinking that i don't want to die that time because i felt very happy to be with her and my parents, i felt like if i was living in paradise.

But one day that have never across my mind , i heard a very bad news about her , she was hospitalized because of a teenage guy who took the car of his dad without his permission, and hit her by it.

After a tough month and struggling the death, she passed away.
I can remember very well how does it feel to lose someone that is very dear and important to me ; I was shocked and their was flames inside me that's burning my soul i couldn't turn its off , i cried a lot and lost my weights and didn't want to see anyone's face.

It was my first experience of sadness.It was hard.

After almost two years, my heart healed a little bit but not completely.
when i miss her i sing a song that she was often singing it when i was with her.
It's help me to gain control on myself.

I'm really grateful to god that i met her in my life even if it was not for long time.
She was very special to me and i thank you again God for giving me those wonderful moments with her.

i appreciate every one ,who have read my words ,from the heart .

Nyata Nyata 18-21, F Feb 3, 2013

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