The Love I Could Feel.

I was living in a resident house at the age of 19 with other students like me. It was my second year in the university where I studied a career that wasn't what I expected. I wasn't doing well, I was failing almost everything and I missed my family a lot.

Then someone new arrieved to the house, a guy one year older than me. After a few weeks we were friends, just like everyone else in the house. Then one day we slept together. It was my first time with a guy, it was the first time I had to face that secret I hided for so long: I like guys.

After that day we engaged into a great relationship, as far as I could tell. Two months later I found out that this guy had another boyfriend and he was cheating on him with me. By that time, I had totally fallen in love.

After that, 5 intense months came. I loved him so much that I wanted to be with him whatever happens. He, in the other hand, wouldn't break up with his boyfriend. I fell into depression, I wouldn't eat for days, failed the whole career at the end...

Then when everything seemed to be over, he broke up and decided to be with me. I remember that day like it was yesterday. We had a great 3 years long relationship.

I'll never forget how much love I can feel, I understand what my mom meant once when she said that falling in love is the most wonderful experience in life. This experience made me discover many things about myself and about life itself too. It made me to be who I am now.

Thanks for reading. 

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1 Response Jan 14, 2009

That's amazing, I wish you all the best. Beautiful story.