An Instructive Story From Milton Erikson

A woman who trained horses came in to see Dr. Milton Erikson (a famous psychiatrist) about helping her copy with her moody husband. Erikson asked her if she had ever encountered a horse she couldn't train. The woman adamantly denied that there was a horse that she could not eventually domesticate. Erikson asked her to detail principles which guide her in this training process to overcome even the most obstinate animal, and she noted four (which he wrote down): 1) be consistent, 2) go for small changes, 3) give up small control to keep the overall control (e.g., the time she had to drop both reins in order to remove all source of resistance for the horse), and 4) if she became angry, give up training that day, for the horse had won. Erikson tore off the piece of paper with these prescriptions, handing it to the woman with the explanation: these are the same techniques I use in therapy. They will help you cope with your husband as well.
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lol great story, you must have a ton on on here because i just keep hitting read random story and ive seen 3 of yours already