It's strange, but i like so many different kinds of music it'd be easier to say what i don't like. And even so among the same genres i don't like everything.

Weird weird tastes, as i like the old romantic ballads my parents like to hear, while at the same time i like infected mushroom. While my iphone has a playlist exclusively for sitar music, and ravi shankar.

While i like classical music, and i like dubstep. I like hang music, and i like michael jackson (but who doesn't)

I like AC/DC, The doors, Led Zepellin, Pink Floyd.

I like Amy winehouse and Blind Melon, i like Cake and The Chemical Brothers. I like The Cardigans.

I enjoy Elvis Presley and i like Bob Marley. Manu Chao and Devendra Banhart.

The Flaming Lips, one of my favorites. Also like Jethro Tull and Tool. Justice and Kings of Convenience.

I like to listen to Orchestra music :D

I like The Mars Volta. Even though i don't understand (but who does?)

UNKLE and The Who. Yes, Rush, Savant, Red Hot Chili Peppers. Even the last ones that were kinda pop for a while.

I fancy me some Lounge from time to time too, but nothing specific there.

And many more i can't remember right now...
jafetgx jafetgx
26-30, M
Aug 20, 2014