I Have a Strange Birthmarks

It's on my left front thigh. It looks just like in that picture, 3 dots with the same size and they have the same distance. If you would conect all those dots it would be a triangle.
GrueneRose GrueneRose
10 Responses May 17, 2007

I have a upside down triangle on my thirdeye (forehead) anyone know what that means

i have umbrella upside down created with many dots on my left leg

I just posted an almost identical story to yours, only left inner thigh, like in the picture

i had the same 3 dots, in my forehead, in my abs and in my hear.<br />
The only ones i had since i was a child was the ones on my forehead, the others came with <br />
time. <br />
I found it very intriguing because i had seen ufo's in the same shape.<br />
Anyway some people think is good luck.

i ve got the same dots as well..<br />
3dot it wasnt there when i was 5 its not a bith mar it appread all of a sudden. dont know exatly when but its on my right leg angel i have been trying to figer it out since the.<br />
its not a black mole its like skin popin up i tryed to cut it off but it keeps coming back.

nope you're not the only one trust me loool

I have one in my P.... ,probably the only guy in the world:P

dirty bastard!!!!

I have a strange one on my right arm. It looks like a Asian symbol with an apostrophe before it. I dont think something this well made is just random. I wonder if it means anything???

Any new insight to the three dot thing? I have an identical one on my left ankle.

I have aa weird bifth mark too its on my inner left thigh of 2 eigth notes