The Story of Heart Shaped Birthmarks

The heart shaped birthmark actually has a unique story behind it.  Those with it are known as the marked.  They are said to have inhuman like abilities.  Myself, I can sense the presence of demons, ghosts, and angels.  I can see inside your mind (each person has a spiritual being living within them and I can see it).  I can tell you if it will rain.  I get physically ill whenever I hurt somebody emotionally or mentally or something.  My birthmark is on my wrist, I can also tell if I am around other marked cause my wrist will begin to burn.  Though it is totally up to you whether you believe me or not.

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i have a heart shaped birthmark where my heart is. also the creepy thing is that i was born on valentines day and i had a heart problem when i was born. im ok now XD.

I have a heart shaped birthmark on the back of my head. When I get mad, it turns red. I can sense when someone is looking at me, following me, and I can sence when ghost are near. I can sometimes sence if it's a good or bad ghost. I can sometimes sence if something bad is about to happen, or something happen to my friends or family because my stomach gets tight and my legs start moving. I can tell if it's going to rain because I get sleepy or my hair gets really wavy.

I was born with a heart shaped birthmark on my upper right thigh my name is Anthony and I am only eight years old my mum always tells me that I was born extra special because of my birthmark my mum also tells me that I am very intuitive I don't like when people are sad or hurt or a sick it makes me feel sad myself I love to make people happy I think people with heart shaped birthmarks are special and I am one of them thank you for reading.


I have a heart shaped birthmark on my upper right thigh too!

i have a heart shaped mole, ever since 10 yrs old a wolf came to me and said dnt worry i will always be here for u it scared the hell out of me but it didnt seem like it wanted to hurt me it came to me in the middle of a thunder storm. ever since then i have had an evil spirit or something following me it feels like it wants to take me over its scary and i cannot walk thru hallways or up stairs without feeling seriously scared. i have a feeling of something hovering right above my face it intrusive rude and feels very evil. but i also feel something good around me it started to do things to my partner too sometimes good but also mimicking mine and my daughter it seems there are quite a few things that have followed me thru my life and some that sound like goblins or gremlins. i have a weird thing where if i think i want to watch a certain film it will b on tv shortly and if i wish something to happen to some1 it happens quite often but only bad things then i feel terrible. and everytime i look at a clock or watch its always weird like 13:13 or 09:09 u get the jyst lol any ideas i would really love to be able to get rid of wateva follows me

My heart shaped birthmark is red, flat and above my left knee. It was present from my birth and my mom used to tell me that an angel kissed me when I was born and left the mark. I always associated the birthmark as a kiss mark but when I became an adult I realized that it was heart shaped. I've been empathetic my whole life. My sister would call me the healer. I had an unnatural relationship with animals. I could sense their emotions and was never afraid. When I was about ten years old I held a bee because it seemed like the right thing to do and I lifted the bee up and stared at the bee's eyes. At that moment my senses went on overdrive and I had a heighten sense of awareness. All colors became more vivid and my vision sharped to the point that I could see each blade of grass. During these few seconds I felt a deep connection to nature and the whole universe. As I got older I realized that I could feel heat radiating from my loved ones when they had headaches. I would hover my hand over the skull and find the heat localized in one area. They would confirm that was where the headache was. I could feel the heat radiating from the head to my hand. My hand would warm and when it felt warm enough I would slowly pull my hand away. As I pulled my hand away the heat would come with it. My loved ones would then feel relief from the headache. I never understood how I figured this out or why it works. Another odd fact is that my birthday is 7-3-73 and I was born at 7:03 pm. Maybe these are all coincidences but I find comfort in believing that there is a connection and meaning.

I am so glad I found this page!! I have a medium sized tan heart shaped birthmark on the top of my left shoulder. People have always commented on it but I never thought anything of it. 3 days ago I noticed my 9 month old daughter has a small white heat shaped birthmark on the top of her right shoulder. At first I thought the worst about the mark and took her straight to the doctor to make sure it wasn't something wrong with her.(typical first time mom) once the doctor said it was just a birthmark I thought it was pretty incredible that we both have a birthmark in the shape of a heart in a similar location. I even joked to my husband that our daughter and I were "magical."

....then I googled.

I am an educated, very logical person and I'm pretty sure I have a sound mind lol.
With that said,I have never seen any ghosts or spirits, in fact I have always been immensely afraid of that sort of thing, I won't even watch scary movies (I'm almost 30.

However I have had countless dreams of things that later actually happen. Sometimes it's days later, other times months or years later. I have also been experiencing continuing dreams throughout my entire life, there is a dream I had as a child (about 8) that through the years picks up near where it left off. The surroundings in the dream have evolved to my current age and environment (kind of like in a movie when they say 2 years later etc) but I can always tell its the same story. When I have these dreams I can be woken up multiple times throughout the night and every time I fall back asleep I resume where I was before being woken.

I experience deja-vu quite often. I have always been able to tell if someone is a good person or not, usually instantly.

I'm extremely emotional and often find myself sobbing over other people's tragedies or feeling as if their joy is my own.

When gambling I'll sometimes get a tingling sensation at the top of my head and back of my neck before me or someone nearby wins big.

Also the night I got pendant with my daughter I knew I was conceiving. Later that night as my husband and u were falling asleep he heard my voice say "I'm pregnant" even though no word left my mouth.

Weird stuff, maybe I'm reading into it all too much. Any feedback would definitely be greatly appreciated. Just glad to know I'm not alone in the strangeness ✌💖

Usually don't find any relating stories but UR sounds similar to me Iv always had very strong intuition and can tell wen Simone is genuine or wen they R up no good. Always had strong emotions and passionate feelings my heart shaped birth mark is tan and on the right side of my back right below my shoulder blade but it's sidewaysiv had many recurring dreams and many dreams that have come true deja vu is a severe constant and always leaves me feeling uneasy

Iv never seen ghost but have had dreams of one in particular several times but not in the last several years Iv heard things too but nothing that sounded rational enough to explain I always get the feeling Sumone is watching me or in the room with me even wen I'm alone I'm I always get sick to my stomach and panicy right b4 sonthing bad happens I always pick up on other ppls emotions even wen I don't knowvwats going on them later find out the sudden burst of tears was Simone else experience of a terrible event

Dear flower mama, i have a heart shaped spot in my right shoulder but in the chest. i can see i have same things as you.

Im Dominican. I use to feel when my affairs life it's in danger. i use to be very quiet... but i talk when i feel that somebody needs to hear my words and voice.

My birth date was 26/11/1992... if you compare the month and the day they are similar. Im sagittarius wich means i think... love... as my heart shaped spot.

i use to hear voices, to have weird dreams and as you when i wake up, then back to sleep i return to the same place i was in the dream.

I dont like to judge people. i first have to know them.

When im in love i really get into the relation. But i feel when somebody its about to fail with me. When im sad i use to go away for a while till i stop crying, but i don't make pressure on anybody or say that it was its fault...

i use to get scared with some tipe of pleople.. i dont know how to explain.... im very shy but i know when a people is good even if i dont know them. i have a sensation that i can predict somebody's death.... i dont know why.... makes me so sad that i have this type of feelings... really wants to make me cry.

When my grandmother was a bout to die, i did know it... we were all sitting in front of her talking.. the next day she was dead.... i just felt so angry because i feel like im alone, even if i have my mother... her birthday is in november 25. its a very heavy backpack to hold.

I use to like rock music, im very good drawing, im very good singing, but as much as i want to make my mother proud... she says im a disaster, shes not proud, i just cant feel that were making a good couple... I try and i try... but... i feel like i want to get out of her life because it feels like its better for her..... sorry im... im talking so much....

I have recently notice my heart shaped birthmark on my left side sort of where my lung would be on my back. 2 years ago I started experiencing these weird feelings kind of like a tingling all over my body. Since then I've been noticing what I call signs from numbers, animals, certain encounters with people usually with my name, with similar features like they look like me. The last 2 years I've literally went from thinking I was insane to finally realizing I'm going through some kind of awakening. I've met a women who looks like my twin literally in whicharge it was a love a first sight encounter. She also has a heart shape with freckles on her shoulder. She has been going through this since childhood and is very connected in spirit. The other day my 3rd eye opened I believe and I could see energy in my house. I could see spirits sometimes just as misty smoke and sometimes they would take human form. I'm excited to see that their are others out there that have gone through this. Sometimes I meet people and look into their eyes and I feel a connection instantly and I could not explain it. Maybe they have this mark as well. I believe I've met my twin flame and sometimes it is hard to explain the feelings I get, it feels so powerful it's sometimes scary. My family also think I'm crazy but I know what I've experienced is real as does my split. My advice to anyone going through this is follow your heart. Look within for answers because if you are like me then you will be reading on every metaphysical and religious book until you die. I've come to learn that it is simple. 11:11 the beginning, the end we are to have faith. I believe we are God's love in the physical but don't believe this or anything you read or have been told. We feel, one thing I've read we all have in common. I feel people's pain, I cry at the snap of a finger. So go with what you feel, I wish everyone luck on their individual journey!!!!

I have a upside down heart shape birthmark . what does it mean??

Me too but I can tell the gender of a pregnant woman baby inside by sitting next by them and I can sense demons and angles and in My dreams My mind finds their location so I'm happy I'm not the only one with the heart birthmarks. Well I have 3 of them heart birthmarks

Wow, you got 3 thats so cool.

I have a cluster of freckles on my left arm in the shape of a heart. It has been said I wear my heart on my sleeve. Literally. I am an empath. Which means all of my senses are extremely heightened. This is both a blessing and a curse. A double edged sword. I feel others emotions and Literally know what a person is thinking just by feeling it. Another thing. I can smell death. I have been able to since I was twelve. I cannot go into nursing homes. At all. I become violently sick. Headache vomiting the works. I have an affinity to animals. All of them. So did my mother. I dream things and they happen. In exact sequence. And yes I know when spirits are near me. And if they are malevolent or good. The worst part is I cannot control these things. Like block it. They just are.

These things that we are capable of like loving someone or feeling deeper than a normal human. These are things I have discovered over time. Balancing them are extremely difficult. All I can do is try to find balance. I cannot control them. Everyone might think I'm crazy but real is real at least for me. Sometimes they scare the hell out of me. Anyone else?


What do you mean by running deeler than normal?


I have a heart shaped birthmark on my neck, its turned side ways idk what that means but the only thing i can truly recall that seems abnormal like "supernatural" is i would sometimes sleep and dream the whole days events before it happens or something like that. I dont do that anymore, that was when i was little. Now my mark is faintish but i can see it. I dint know what everyone means about supernatural stuff like i may have thought i could do those things when i was little, but i really cant tell if its true anymore.

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I deffinately do...mine is on my left arm and my skin feels like it crawls when I'm in certain situations like I'm super sensitive I have dejavu often and I'm lucky for everyone but me I sense people and they just talk to me I don't even have to know them and I catch glimpse of shadows move by me I never told anyone that they would just call me crazy thank you for posting

You aren't crazy. Trust me.

I have one on my back left thigh. The most I can do for now the I know of if feel when a "spirit" (demons and whatever else) is around. One time my cat was on my bed and saw something and was reaching for it so I looked where she was looking and saw a white figure. One time the scariest thing happened to me where I had a feeling like sleep paralysis and my vision went between blue and being able to see my room. I heard it say something to me then it stopped. I went downstairs and cried to my mother. I think she thought I was crazy. That same night we went to visit my great grandparents and when I sat down after a while I felt something walk past me. Towards where there bedrooms were, two minutes later my great grandmother comes out of her room from sleeping saying something pushed her awake.

I believe you I also have a heart shape birthmark but I see weird visions in my sleep and they actule happen

Exactly me too

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Omg there are more of us?! Mine is on the inner left thigh small but its a perfectly shaped heart I always thought it was because my mother and my father were so in love when they had me.. Lol hopeful child, but you are right the connection I feel with the universe is astronomical and I don't understand because I don't choose to live like thi. Sensing when something evil or good is around can be very overwhelming sometimes. I'm happy that some of you enjoy what's going on but i have four children and I don't want anything to harm my family. Maybe we all just have different experiences but no matter how much I try to pull away from it it's almost as if it gets stronger.
I was born in the states but derive from Taino Indians in Puerto Rico.

If i have any sort of senses, its seems im just paranoid. Well i watch alot of horror movies and read exotic things that can make me scared and not want to do anything,etc. So if i did i wouldnt know XD Most likely.

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Yesterday I saw a moving shadow when I was awake but I got scared because I thought it might have been a ghost, so I turned on the light. I have had recurring nightmares since watching Paranormal Activity; about ghosts pulling me from bed or pulling my covers and me not being able to move. The nightmares seemed so real & after they occurred I would awaken. Also, like I mentioned in a comment on here I do have a heart mark on my right hand.

Yes I knew to come here ♥ what if we r descendant from a different place r time.. Sometimes I look at ppl in there eyes and can see there past r further and some ppl just look like have we meet. ..
Can't find the FB page .. Kingmajadotset@yahoo

i have an upside down heart on my right pec made from a giant vein reaching over into my chest.. what does this mean? does this mean I am evil because of the upside down heart? I always have deja vu moments and coincdental moments, like when i was watching jaws and the next day everyone said are you going to watch jaws tonight, when i heard a quote and i didnt even share it with anyone at all the next day everyone sees it, i know when people are lying, i see shadows change from a human to a human holding a knife just by looking at the shadow.. I could mimic anyones voice from the age of 6 according to my parents, i have night terrors and see a man in a full black hoodie at night, and at night i had the weirdest dream of meeting a shadow, i ran at it with a knife but it didnt do anything then i couldnt remeber the rest of the dream.. and to top it off when i was 8 through to 12 i didnt know i was doing it but at night i scratched the walls of my house and my parents had to come comfort me but I DIDNT KNOW ANY OF THIS i didnt believe them until they showed me! what does all this mean?!?!?! please email me the response at

I wish i could help you, i have no idea. My mark is side ways and on my left side of my upper neck close to my jaw line

What if you have it on your neck..I have a white upside down heart birthmark on my neck.

I have a brown one on My neck My it's
not upside down

Mine is brownish too

I have a side ways one XD

Mine sideways too :D

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I have a heart shaped mark on my left arm (which so happens to be my writing arm). I have always thought I was "special" (as cliche as that sounds) but seriously! I know things before they happen, I have multiple déjà vu moments, I can feel what someone is feeling, what they are thinking. As weird as this sounds, I know a persons personality/about them by touching them (it's even more powerful when I kiss that person) I'm so relieved to know there are others out there! I have so many questions!

Please read my reply. You are an me. I too have the same mark. I know more about this than I care to admit.

My best friend's mum told me the same thing (that I'm an empath) after an encounter with a spirit. (which was my second time).

I've been researching ever since. Are there different types? I read about empaths who don't like being touched. But I like to touch people so I can know about them. Other people's emotions don't bombard me very much. Is that normal to want to want to touch people to know them? Though, I do have a hard time staring some people in the eyes. When it comes very close friends and some of my family, I can do it; and I feel as if I know everything/ I get these feelings. And sometimes I can do this with strangers, but there are some people I can't look them in the eyes. What does that mean?

I'm sorry I'm asking so many questions, but my birthday was recently and I feel as if these abilities or whatnot have grown/strengthened since then and I want to know more. Especially about different kinds of empaths and what we can do. Thank you your reply!

Yes....there are different types of empaths some like me that have speacialized to speak. I feel and smell death. It sucks. I can look at someone and "know " exactly what they are thinking. Feeling . I do not see auras some do. If I touch someone I can feel them. Information is provided at an alarming rate that I have and probably never will get used to. I do not see sprits I feel them. Notby cold or heat but by emotion. My mother was the same. Her talent included hearing them. I do not like to be touched by anyone. If I intiate contact it's like a natural barrier is there. My subconcioys helps me that way as I cannot control it. I have never been able to. It is just...there. sometimes desparingly so. It's actually quite frightening. I've had one day vision. That was all. I can sense negativity or evil in someone or something like no one I ever heard of. I stay silent unless it effects me or mine. It can be overwhelming and dreadful. I've tried everything to block it. I was born with it so I cannot. Every act of depravity every disgusting thought or action. It's horrifying. It's personified so that I try to shrink away and run. If it is. Good emotion I sense it...or feel it aS well but not as strong. Being empathic does not necessarily mean that spirits will come to you or u can feel them. I can have one without the other. The fact that u felt one tells me u are a receiver. They know this. They can feel u as well. Be careful u don't open that door without protecting urself. It can be difficult. People know ur different. They do too. They are drawn to sources such as u. U are a light to them. All of them good and bad. It's different with live people. U know. By feeling u are sensitive to energy. We are and can be overly sensitive to everything. We can't help it. Hard to keep in check. Hard not to take on the emotion u feel from others and accidentally make them your own. It's takes practice and strength. The later is difficult to maintain. Empaths like me are lonely because we can't touch people or be around a lot of people. Too much of it causes physical problems feeling clausterphobic in crowded places shortness of breath anxiety attacks and panic attacks. How old are u? I'm forty three. It does become very strong over time. It started when I was twelve. I've actually seen one spirit... my grandmother. At twelve. She's been the only one and justthe once. Scared the he'll out of me. I'm telepathic as well. I also found that out at twelve. With her. But I've never been able to speak to anyone else. Just "push" suggestion since. It is draining and difficult and scares me to death. I never speak of this to anyone. People would think I'm nuts.

I just turned 23 a week ago.
Recently, my friend's mum. (The same one) said that she believes I'm a seer and that I had turned it off for a while and now it's come back on. When I was younger I would have dreams that would come true. I had a dream about my spirit animal and when I would see it in real life, I would instantly feel comfort. My freshman year of high school I saw a spirit (my first time) it stood at my door and just stared at me. The second encounter was a few months ago when I was with my best friend and her family at a hotel and a spirit climbed into bed with my friend and me just to get my attention when I ignored tried to ignore it. I can't say exactly when all this started because I don't really know. I think I was born this way and then kept it dormant (I had a stressful time for a while). I'm the most emotional person in my family, especially when it comes to movies/television shows. I can feel the characters emotions (mostly when it's a sad moment/ extremely uplifting) as if they are right next to me. My mum also said when I was younger, I had something that people just loved about me. And now it's seemed like it's active again and it feels wonderful. I know this sounds crazy, but I think it was activated again my senior year of college after I had my first kiss. (Which happened on Halloween, on a full moon). Since then, it's felt like a long lost friend of mine came back. I've been reading about ways to protect myself against others feelings attaching themselves and I haven't seen spirits sense freshman year, but I sense them even more than I did before.

As far as death, I physically and emotionally can't go to a funeral. It doesn't matter whether I know the person or not. If I go, I'm on the floor holler-crying as if I lost a child. My body shakes and I feel hollow. I normally just tell people that I can't deal with a lot of sadness in one place and that I can feel that, rather than explaining the pain it makes me feel.

I'm obsessed with learning about this so I can learn more about me and other people like this.

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Hey everyone,
I read some of the comments here and seen that someone suggested that we have an FB page for those of us with a heart shaped birthmark.... Well, guess what?.... I have created an FB page for us.... Its called 'The Marked One's of Love and light'
Check it out

Can't find it

I have a large perfectly heart-shaped freckle on my left thigh. I've always been able to manipulate people around me without realizing what I'm doing until later. If I pretend to be sick, my family actually becomes sick with the exact symptoms I pretend to have. If I want privacy in any romantic situation, I'm never interrupted. When I develop strong emotional connections to people I am able to sense long-distance if they're upset or if they need me. I had no idea this could be connected to my freckle until just now... this is amazing.

You are empathic and telepathic. Able to receive but broadcast. You are very rare.

You are telepathic using emotion without knowo g. Be careful.

I have a love shape birthmark on my neck, didn't feel anything special so far.. :p would like to meet others with same birthmarks

Do u mean heart shaped?

Hi Clairewolf,

Yes, it is a heart shape birthmarks on the right side of my neck. Do you have some similar birthmarks too?


Wow i am so relieved that im not the only one. I have an obvious heart shaped vein in the center of my chest, and i consider myself to be a vessel of love and healing. Nothing but giving comes out of me. I didnt notice it until I went deeper into my spiritual journey. 4months ago.

My abilities: I am super sensitive to a change in energy, any darkness or even jokes with negative energy i cant help but walk away from. My energy has been getting more an more intuned lately. To the point where i dont enjoy large groups of any sort, because there are truly too many energies. Im living in the jungle in maui with 2 other people, until I decide how to pursue my medicine for the world.
I can also sense when bad things are coming and always what will happen next. Im a massage therapist too, and have been told my touch feels like warm electricity.

Im new to this, but i would love for all of us to keep talking! Seems like were all vessels of love. Email me or maybe lets start a facebook group?
amirastrom91 @
Amira Nystrom

You posted this on my Birthday. Me and my sister have the heart too. She is super sensitive to energy. I myself have a wall. I hope to begin a spiritua journey as my mother just passed April 2, 2015. Human electrical currents are real...

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I have a heart shaped birthmark on my foot which is purple


I myself have a birthmark on my right shoulder above my bicept along the main vain in the perfect shape of a heart.

I have a heart shaped vein on the left side of my chest above my breast (my vein spider together to form a heart so I always tell people that I have two hearts)... I am also a Shaman by blood (My grandfather was a shaman but he didn't have any birthmarks).... I can heal the wounded, the sick, and raise the dead back to life (I brought a dead raven back to life at age 3 in front of my mother without thinking of which scared her to death, I brought a dead lizard back to life at age 5 after my younger brother killed it, and I brought 3 newborn baby bird's back to life in front of 10 people a few years ago in Utah after they froze to death the previous night) I have other abilities as well but I have no control of them since I have never tried to strengthen them....

Have had a heart-shaped birthmark in the center of my forehead since infancy. Other people always find it more fascinating than I do. I've scared strangers half to death just looking at them tho I don't know why. Others think it is perpetually Ash Wednesday (must not be catholics or they'd know when it's not!), still others just want to know "what's that on your head?" Never bothered me much except during adolescence when we're all self-conscious anyway. I've seen only one other person in my life with a similar birthmark and wish I'd spoken to her but she was a child and we were in a church (and strangers to each other) so we just stared at each other.

I'm from Colombia-South America. I have a heart shaped mark that began to appear in 2006, just when i began a spiritual life discovering my gifts. The mark is on my left cheek. I'm 45 years old.

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I have a heart shaped birthmark on my left palm, it is very prominent. I am an empath and deeply spiritual. But far removed from established religions. I have always been kind, caring, compassionate, forgiving, generous and always helping others. I have never been money targeted in my life, realising there are much more important things... Wish I could post an image...

I have a heart shaped freckle on my shoulder. And I have dejà vú like crazy and I can tell people who they really are with out needing to know everything about them. But I don't know if I'm special or anything. Its really cool though that you have that though its probably annoying sometimes?

Mine is on my left breast :-)

you thought that was cute! My sister has hers under her chin...she thinks its cute...mine is on my inner left arm right above my elbow it changes color bright light

I have a tan heart on my left breast I have some things I can do to I'm really happy yall made these comments and that I'm not alone :)

Hi, I am very curious. I have an angular shape birthmark and I havent seen a heart shape before. Can someone show me the picture. It will be very much appreciated!

I have a heart shaped birthmark on my left arm.I also have abilities to see certain things that if I ask someone next to me at that time will just say (didn't see a thing maybe it just your mind playing games) and I can sence if something is going to happend.the werst one is that I can see people who died for just a week.and I can also tell prophet.

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I have a bright red heart shaped birthmark on my inner right ankle I have been told many different things about it. Also it seems like no matter where I live shamrocks seem to sprout up all the time and they grow year round and flower year round. can anyone out there explain why this keeps happening, and what the meaning behind the heart shaped birthmark really is. Thanks for any help anyone can provide Thanks again.

I also have a heart shaped mole in my left side of my chest and I dont know if things are just coincidence but most of my dreams came in reality and there had been a case when I knew whats going to happen and able to prevent it..creepy but I dont intend to play with any phenomenon that should happen unless if it will harm me.besides Most of my dream is about me and some people around to dream what will happen about them in the future and it came in reality..

My 9 month old has a heart shaped birthmark on top of her right wrist and I do believe that because she lets it be known when something or wrong or right with people and also in homes. My family had already experienced a scare with her and I haven't because I'm always at work. Very interesting. Thanks.

I have a light brown birthmark that covers half of my left wrist.

I FEEL LIKE AM NOT HUMAN .i have heart on my left side of boob and i can sense when something bad is going to happen and can see the future by dreaming. Always have dreams where am on another planet and the feeling like am being watched. ps. am 14///Abdomen: A greedy and selfish person
Left breast: This person will enjoy success
Right breast: This person will enjoy fortune
Center of chest: This person will NOT enjoy fortune
Chin: This person will enjoy success
Left cheek: This person will have financial difficulties
Right cheek: Indicative of someone who will enjoy a happy marriage
Near mouth: This person will enjoy great wealth and happiness
Right side of forehead: This person has great mental power
Left side of forehead: This person likes to spend money
Center of forehead: This individual is attractive to the opposite sex and has many love affairske i have lost important people and always feeling watched.

Well. .. I do have heart shaped birthmarks on me one is on my upper right arm and the other is on my neckline .... I haven't felt anything weird about them except for the fact that once when I was small... I used to play with ghosts --according to my parents. But now there is nothing spooky with it ... I thought that I am special or something but now I am confused .... I am a teenager ... Please reply me as soon as possible because I am worried 😯

I have an upside down heart shaped birthmark on my left breast. i don't see ghosts, but i can sense when something bad is going to happen and dark presences. i'm glad i'm not weird :)

i have leaf shaped birthmark on may back just below my left shoulder, what does this means...

Hmm my birth mark is on my upper right leg towards my hip and I can sense bad energies, I'm extremely empathetic towards humans and animals, bad things seem to happen to those who have hurt me when I don't even want that to happen and I usually am able to predict things that are gonna happen next. It's been weird but this explains a lot 👌

i have experienced this alot....

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I have one on my lower back but off to the right side. It's upside down. My neice has the same one right side up on her back but closer to her shoulder. We both see spirits. I've seen and hear them. Sometimes just feel them near. Wow I also feel physically ill when I hurt someone emotionally. Sometimes I hear what people are thinking. And know who's going to call before phone rings. I also get messages in my dreams from people who would like to hear from me. What's weird to me is when I 1st held my neice when she was born-i felt she was my child in a past life. Yrs later my brother showed me her heart shaped birthmark.

I can't hear what people think but I can tell what their thinking of that makes sense. It's more that if I look at them and the situation I can get what their thinking.

I have one in the center of my neck this truly explains alot I mean my mom was spooked by me I love nature people seem to be calmed by me especially little kids l. One day I'm walking with my nephew like we always do and a little boy and his brother are playing I look over and turn back to my nephew nxt thing I know the little boy is in front of me just staring and I'm really freaked by now his brother tries to come get him and then the little boy scream she's an angel to his brother can't you see it an angel and the older brother looks shocked to see his brother talks to me and the older brother looks at me with awe expression most weirdest part of my life.

hi I have a heart shaped birthmark but im not sure about all the stuff that were said animals seem 2 be attracted 2 me and so r boys I can also sense bad and good spirits and sometimes have dejjavu

I have mine on my left wrist also Ive noticed im really good at sencing other nature before meeting them. Also ive noticed wild animales and pets are drawn to me a lot of my friends pets who are mean to others come up to me and are just calm and nice. An i feel more calm around and relaxed around or in water. Also a tip for everyone spend time near the water and clear your minds it helps

I have a heart shaped birthmark on my left hip. The same side I had my first tubal pregnancy and almost lost my life to.
I can sense vibes from others and who/how they are without knowing them. I also can sense spirits and the vibes they give off such as good or bad. I also can tell if somthing bad will happen/ going to happen.

I have a heart shaped birthmark on my back but I never knew anything about it meaning markwd. My life and childhood makes sense now. I thought I was crazy bc I can sense when there is a presence. I have no extra cool abilities just that I know when its there and if its good or evil

I have mine on the back of my right shoulder, I've noticed that I'm able to call the elements and I seem to have some form of empathy connections and I've also had serious lucid dreams which have led to be being in the hospital for a short period of time and they've always came true though. It's considered in my family, and I've told my mother of these dreams and she panicked which seemed unusual to me. I worry in case I am imagining these abilities, however I seem to not be alone for once


Mine is on my outter thigh, and I too have psychic abilities, I haven't really focused on enhancing them but the one im most intuned too is feeling energy from people, I have some precog abilities but they're minute. Like I said 7 havent focused much on them, but if anyone has any pointers I'd love some feedback

What of it in the middle between both sides of
the rib cage

I have one right above my collarbone. I'm not sure about any unique abilities. I can feel what people are feeling, know how they are without even meeting them.

I don't know what it actually means but my sister calls it the "cutie mark" Because I have a heart shaped birthmark on my right on my butt.... like the little ponies.... and I have blood -O I also can sense the presence of spirits and such I also dream stuff that will happen like the next day like its a warning. I have experienced really strange stuff and my mother says when I was smaller it was right side up and then it had changed to facing down... I really have no idea what to do!

I too . i have a heart shaped birthmark on my left side of my chest . and i don't know if i have any special abilities but one thing is i can see very well from far ,e.g. i can see the smallest ant walking on a black and white carpet from far away . and hearing i hear very well , and maybe (not sure) i see dreams and then they come true i don't know if it's a coincidence . But idk if that has anything related to my heartshape birthmark ..

Me too mines on the back of my neck ands small barely noticeable unless your looking for it I also have some unique abilities ive never discussed with anyone

I feel the presence of spirits as well (thats why I know my cat is possesed) but I can only tell the weather from the birds sometimes,when they make it obvious.Also II am able to sap the willpower from people(hence nobody can ever beat me at arm wrestling)and whenever someone is hurt by anything besides death I feel oddly amused.My heartshaped birthmark is on my waist btw.

I have a upside down heart shaped birthmark on the left side if my left thigh

so do I!!! crazy!!! mine is upside down on my back side of my left thigh which is y I forget about it!

I also have a heart shaped birthmark My mother says when I was small I had it straight up and sense the last time she saw it she says now it upside down....

I have a heart shaped birthmark on the right side of my neck, I think just over my jugular vein. I always disregarded it, but just yesterday I decided to take a closer look at it and I realised it was shaped like a heart. I wondered if it could mean something and because I'm like every other person that wants to feel special, I went online to find out and thus came across this article.
I don't know if I have any special abilities. There are times I dream about things that haven't happened yet, and when they happen in reality, I suddenly get a flash of the dream I had in my mind. There are also times that I feel more conscious of my environment when I'm asleep. Like I would know when my phone is about to ring when I'm asleep and I will wake up just before it starts ringing. Or I know when someone is about to come into my room when I'm asleep and I will wake up seconds before the person does.
Also I don't know if anyone has this, but sometimes when I'm asleep and dreaming, I know I am dreaming. And one time when I was in my dream, I made myself open my eyes just for a second and I saw my room and then I went back to my dream. Also there are times when I find myself dreaming about something really interesting, and then something wakes me up and stops the dream, but I can actually fall back asleep and make myself continue the dream exactly where I left off.
I don't if all these things are special but I wanted to share my story.

oh same things happen to me but i didn't know it's special i thought it was something normal .

Yea, they are most likely just normal stuff. It doesn't hurt to believe they're special though, right? :D

Me too I am able to astral project although I am not able to move I am able to see what is happening while i sleep

Hi Astance,

I have heart shape birthmark on the right of my neck as well. :)

It would be interesting to know whether people with the same birthmark possess same kind of abilities. Too bad, i didnt develop any special ability yet or notice anything special..


I also have a heart shaped birthmark and have been experiencing continuing dreams throughout my entire life! There is a dream I had as a child (about 8) that through the years picks up near where it left off. The surroundings in the dream have evolved to my current age and environment (kind of like in a movie when they say 2 years later etc) but I can always tell its the same story. When I have these dreams I can be woken up multiple times throughout the night and every time I fall back asleep I resume where I was before being woken. When I read your post I got chills over and had to reply. I've also had countless dreams of things that later happen. I feel like I sound crazy but so glad I'm not the only one.

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That sounds so cool! :D

Hi I'm 14 and I have a shaped love heart birthmark on my right foot by the ankle, I've looked it up and I'm a sporty type person and it says that if you have a birthmark by your foot it means your sporty.. But mines a love heart. I can see from other peoples eye view and I always can tell what a persons like before I've like meet them (whether to not befriend them) and I can also tell when someones lieing to me or a friend.I hardly know anyone with this so its quite unique to me I guess:) I can also read my close friends mind when she looks in my eyes?!

hey there i have a heart shaped birthmark on my left shoulder except the thing about my heart birthmark is its broken only holding on together by the tiniest peice its more broken on the left side then in the middle like a regular heart wud be depicted. i dont know if i have senses or if im crazy i am a person whoo chases the rabbit hole after all but if theres any meaning u can tell me about mine that wud be indeed usefull

Hello I have a heart shape birth mark on my left breast deep in color wonder what the meaning is to my birth mark and at times I see shadows some white some dark and some people that come near me I get feeling to not befriend them and when I dream I see things like people chatting to me or around me and when I dream I see things happen before they do and at times get feelings of being there before and can tell when some one lies to me what does that all mean ? Is it due to my heart shape birth mark?

i have a heart shaped birthmark on the back of my left shoulder, and always wanted to know what it meant!

I was also born with a birth mark on my wrist but mind is a little different my seems to appear as of a small world or country almost like america yet in the middle of my mark there's is a hollow heart sometimes too i can feel the presence of these invisible been sometimes i see them and i deny seeing them because i was afraid of the things they could to when I'm asleep but as i grew older i got over it.It also burns when I'm near a person who either has .

I was born with a white birth mark on my stomach above my belly button. You could see it when I was just born. It still very clear now. I don't know when but years ago I noticed something on my knee. A brown heart on my knee with the slightest split on the side of it. I have had it for years but it wasn't there when I was younger. I'm 15 now. I found out some birth marks don't show up for years. They come with time, so I might get another in a few years. I did get another brown mark when I came out of the shower. I came into the shower without the mark and came out with it on. It wasn't any shape of any kind just lots of brown patches but only about 1-2cm. I thought it might have been a burn mark but it was brown, never red. It never hurt either. So now I have a heart facing me on one part of my knee and a blur patch of brown on the other. Over time the brown patches have come together. But my heart has always stayed. I like to look at it and see it as a reminder that someone in the world loves me, and to never loose hope. I didn't know that it could mean something more. There was a time where I believed in ghosts. I still sort of do but still a little puzzled. I use to see things in the dark and get headaches everytime I was out in the light. People use to make fun of me and call me a vampire because I had to wear sunglasses everywhere to try and stop some of the pain. Often would lock myself in a dark room and fall asleep. I use to hear voices and had dreams that came true the next day. If there is something about myself I don't know I would like to know. I some how predict things easily. I also use to think I was haunted. I saw yellow eyes once in the mirror and I cried myself to sleep that night. I was scared. I didn't understand what was happening. I feel like I'm talking to someone in my head, I don't know if I've just made the whole thing up. But when they promise me something they keep to it. Often if I beg and wish for something like something small in my head it happens. Or if there is a competition and I say someone else name who isn't mine they always seem to win it. I have tried to stop doing that since I feel like I'm cheating and then I have no chance of winning. Can anyone help? Maybe I'm just loosing my mind

I have a heart birthmark on my left palm ~ I know I was Apostle Stephen ~ I love humanity

i have an upside down heart....... on my back

I actually have a heart shaped birthmark on my right thigh and had the same dream...wierd.

I have the heart shape birthmark on the side of my left hand...OMG, it's such Coincidence that I searched about my heart shaped birthmark and I clicked here.. because I can feel people emotion, sickness, etc..I be hearing voices, seeing things.. I did my search already, I have a bit of clairaudience and clear

2 years ago when I went to see a psychic she told me about the pains in my lower back and abdomen.. I wasn't really surprise though.. I was shocked lol.. she told me bout my heart break, and how sweet I am. I give love and don't get love in return.. truth, she even told me that someone is doing something behind my back someone that's very jealous that's why am not succeeding.. I asked her who and she told me I need a full cleansing that'll be $90.. so I didn't get the cleanse..but one of my family member is spiritually strong and she said that spirits follow me around but they cant harm me.. to me they're protecting me..

I have a heart shape birthmark on the out side of my right leg and a crescent moon birthmark on my left arm I can also sense spirits and can tell when it will rain I have memories as a baby and I have dreams that happen shortly after I have them. I recently hade a fall out with a friend and have had a fever.

I have a heart shape birthmark on my thiegh what does that mean?

Wow, I have a heart shaped birthmark on my left wrist (left side). I always loved it and felt "drawn" to why it's there.

Its crazy cause i have a heart shaped birthmark on my left side of my boob right on top of my heart <3. i wonder what kind of story is behind it???

I also have a heart shaped birthmark on my left upper arm. And it rings true that I wear my heart on my sleeve and I've also had the same kind of experiences <3

Do you know if anyone has done any kind of study on heart shaped birth marks? or if there are any special myths or storys attached to them through out history?

girl it b n we always knew we special.. love ya

I have a heart shaped birth mark on the inside of left thigh about fingernail sized, with an other indescriminate birth mark about three to four centimeters above the heart like a pink cloud both are a redish pink in color, don't know if it means anything but once a tarrot reader jumped up from the table absolutely terrorized by my presence didn't know what to think of it at the time

I actually have the birthmark on my wrist as well (Left hand right side) but I do none of that lol

I have lucid dreams almost everytime i go to sleep and i can open a doorway to hell.

i had a dream that i was with my soul mate and he told me before i woke up that i had to go for a while now, but that i should never forget him, then i woke up...i also have a 2 inch heart birthmark on my left inner you really think this could mean something? please tell me?...

I have a heart shaped mark on my bottom of my right foot, I believe I have inhuman ability because it seem like déjà vu but it hasn't happen and in my dreams I can tell whats going to happen in the future a week or days maybe months. But I know it will happen plus I can sense spirits or someone near, its freaky

And my family has also a birthmark of snake bite my aunt, grandma, mother and me all have it and all in the same spot on our ankle it's kinda freaky cuz when my great grandma was pregnant with my grandma a snake bite her on the ankle and left a scar. When my grandma and aunt which are sisters grew older they both had that scar or birthmark. When my grandma had my mom she had it also and I just relized I also have it. Freaky also my grandma can help the dying cross over if you would say bring them to heaven if they are suffering or in pain :/

I have a heart shaped mark on my inner thigh on my left leg about 3 inches in diameter and its a perfect heart shape.

I have a very light birthmark on my forearm and I was questioning if it meant something or not because I have strange feeling and in a way can predict what will happen next and sometimes see very clear memories as a baby. The weird thing is that something was just telling me to check what the birthmark means, I also have a straight line on my lower back more toward the back of my hip and it's a straight line but I don't know weather to question it or not.

I\'m sorry but I couldn\'t help but say that I have a heart shaped birthmark in the same place on my left forearm and I also have clear memories from about a year old. Most people don\'t believe me because its not supposed to be possible but my mom does because to even though we didnt have any home videos until I was in first grade, I didn\'t have access to photos either as they were in storage. I described to my mother perfectly what the house looked like that I was living in until I was 2. I can even describe the furniture. It\'s kind of weird. I also have this weird way of predicting things that will happen in the next few days too and it kind of scares me. Well, sorry but once I read yours, I had to share. The truth is, I never was really interested in my birthmark or what it means until today, though I don\'t know why..

i have a hear shaped birth mark on my inner-thigh. i haven't noticed anything strange however i do have a great imagination, i am high intelegence, and i adapt quite quikly. i don't know if these thing count but ya.

I have a tiny heart shaped birth mark on my left breast right over my heart.its bright red. I have had dreams about the future but it has happened so few times i just thought it was a coincidence.

I have a heart shaped birth mark on my stomach and I can use it to move objects to me it's scary from Leno A.K.A. ><

i hav a heart shape on mi right leg on the inside my dad always told me it was a burn but if it was a burn it would fade as i grow but its never faded n is brite pink can any1 tell me wot this means as it confuses me and would b nice to hav some closure on it

haha i have one on my right leg inner thigh abouts. i was told birthmarks fade but it never did