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The Story of Heart Shaped Birthmarks

The heart shaped birthmark actually has a unique story behind it.  Those with it are known as the marked.  They are said to have inhuman like abilities.  Myself, I can sense the presence of demons, ghosts, and angels.  I can see inside your mind (each person has a spiritual being living within them and I can see it).  I can tell you if it will rain.  I get physically ill whenever I hurt somebody emotionally or mentally or something.  My birthmark is on my wrist, I can also tell if I am around other marked cause my wrist will begin to burn.  Though it is totally up to you whether you believe me or not.

Sonyne Sonyne 16-17, F 230 Responses Aug 28, 2008

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I have a heart shaped mark on my left arm (which so happens to be my writing arm). I have always thought I was "special" (as cliche as that sounds) but seriously! I know things before they happen, I have multiple déjà vu moments, I can feel what someone is feeling, what they are thinking. As weird as this sounds, I know a persons personality/about them by touching them (it's even more powerful when I kiss that person) I'm so relieved to know there are others out there! I have so many questions!

Hey everyone,
I read some of the comments here and seen that someone suggested that we have an FB page for those of us with a heart shaped birthmark.... Well, guess what?.... I have created an FB page for us.... Its called 'The Marked One's of Love and light'
Check it out

I have a large perfectly heart-shaped freckle on my left thigh. I've always been able to manipulate people around me without realizing what I'm doing until later. If I pretend to be sick, my family actually becomes sick with the exact symptoms I pretend to have. If I want privacy in any romantic situation, I'm never interrupted. When I develop strong emotional connections to people I am able to sense long-distance if they're upset or if they need me. I had no idea this could be connected to my freckle until just now... this is amazing.

I have a love shape birthmark on my neck, didn't feel anything special so far.. :p would like to meet others with same birthmarks

Wow i am so relieved that im not the only one. I have an obvious heart shaped vein in the center of my chest, and i consider myself to be a vessel of love and healing. Nothing but giving comes out of me. I didnt notice it until I went deeper into my spiritual journey. 4months ago.

My abilities: I am super sensitive to a change in energy, any darkness or even jokes with negative energy i cant help but walk away from. My energy has been getting more an more intuned lately. To the point where i dont enjoy large groups of any sort, because there are truly too many energies. Im living in the jungle in maui with 2 other people, until I decide how to pursue my medicine for the world.
I can also sense when bad things are coming and always what will happen next. Im a massage therapist too, and have been told my touch feels like warm electricity.

Im new to this, but i would love for all of us to keep talking! Seems like were all vessels of love. Email me or maybe lets start a facebook group?
amirastrom91 @
Amira Nystrom

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I have a heart shaped birthmark on my foot which is purple


I myself have a birthmark on my right shoulder above my bicept along the main vain in the perfect shape of a heart.

I have a heart shaped vein on the left side of my chest above my breast (my vein spider together to form a heart so I always tell people that I have two hearts)... I am also a Shaman by blood (My grandfather was a shaman but he didn't have any birthmarks).... I can heal the wounded, the sick, and raise the dead back to life (I brought a dead raven back to life at age 3 in front of my mother without thinking of which scared her to death, I brought a dead lizard back to life at age 5 after my younger brother killed it, and I brought 3 newborn baby bird's back to life in front of 10 people a few years ago in Utah after they froze to death the previous night) I have other abilities as well but I have no control of them since I have never tried to strengthen them....

Have had a heart-shaped birthmark in the center of my forehead since infancy. Other people always find it more fascinating than I do. I've scared strangers half to death just looking at them tho I don't know why. Others think it is perpetually Ash Wednesday (must not be catholics or they'd know when it's not!), still others just want to know "what's that on your head?" Never bothered me much except during adolescence when we're all self-conscious anyway. I've seen only one other person in my life with a similar birthmark and wish I'd spoken to her but she was a child and we were in a church (and strangers to each other) so we just stared at each other.

I'm from Colombia-South America. I have a heart shaped mark that began to appear in 2006, just when i began a spiritual life discovering my gifts. The mark is on my left cheek. I'm 45 years old.

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I have a heart shaped birthmark on my left palm, it is very prominent. I am an empath and deeply spiritual. But far removed from established religions. I have always been kind, caring, compassionate, forgiving, generous and always helping others. I have never been money targeted in my life, realising there are much more important things... Wish I could post an image...

I have a heart shaped freckle on my shoulder. And I have dejà vú like crazy and I can tell people who they really are with out needing to know everything about them. But I don't know if I'm special or anything. Its really cool though that you have that though its probably annoying sometimes?

Mine is on my left breast :-)

I have a tan heart on my left breast I have some things I can do to I'm really happy yall made these comments and that I'm not alone :)

Hi, I am very curious. I have an angular shape birthmark and I havent seen a heart shape before. Can someone show me the picture. It will be very much appreciated!

I have a heart shaped birthmark on my left arm.I also have abilities to see certain things that if I ask someone next to me at that time will just say (didn't see a thing maybe it just your mind playing games) and I can sence if something is going to happend.the werst one is that I can see people who died for just a week.and I can also tell prophet.

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I have a bright red heart shaped birthmark on my inner right ankle I have been told many different things about it. Also it seems like no matter where I live shamrocks seem to sprout up all the time and they grow year round and flower year round. can anyone out there explain why this keeps happening, and what the meaning behind the heart shaped birthmark really is. Thanks for any help anyone can provide Thanks again.

I also have a heart shaped mole in my left side of my chest and I dont know if things are just coincidence but most of my dreams came in reality and there had been a case when I knew whats going to happen and able to prevent it..creepy but I dont intend to play with any phenomenon that should happen unless if it will harm me.besides Most of my dream is about me and some people around to dream what will happen about them in the future and it came in reality..

My 9 month old has a heart shaped birthmark on top of her right wrist and I do believe that because she lets it be known when something or wrong or right with people and also in homes. My family had already experienced a scare with her and I haven't because I'm always at work. Very interesting. Thanks.

I have a light brown birthmark that covers half of my left wrist.

I FEEL LIKE AM NOT HUMAN .i have heart on my left side of boob and i can sense when something bad is going to happen and can see the future by dreaming. Always have dreams where am on another planet and the feeling like am being watched. ps. am 14///Abdomen: A greedy and selfish person
Left breast: This person will enjoy success
Right breast: This person will enjoy fortune
Center of chest: This person will NOT enjoy fortune
Chin: This person will enjoy success
Left cheek: This person will have financial difficulties
Right cheek: Indicative of someone who will enjoy a happy marriage
Near mouth: This person will enjoy great wealth and happiness
Right side of forehead: This person has great mental power
Left side of forehead: This person likes to spend money
Center of forehead: This individual is attractive to the opposite sex and has many love affairske i have lost important people and always feeling watched.

Well. .. I do have heart shaped birthmarks on me one is on my upper right arm and the other is on my neckline .... I haven't felt anything weird about them except for the fact that once when I was small... I used to play with ghosts --according to my parents. But now there is nothing spooky with it ... I thought that I am special or something but now I am confused .... I am a teenager ... Please reply me as soon as possible because I am worried 😯

I have an upside down heart shaped birthmark on my left breast. i don't see ghosts, but i can sense when something bad is going to happen and dark presences. i'm glad i'm not weird :)

i have leaf shaped birthmark on may back just below my left shoulder, what does this means...

Hmm my birth mark is on my upper right leg towards my hip and I can sense bad energies, I'm extremely empathetic towards humans and animals, bad things seem to happen to those who have hurt me when I don't even want that to happen and I usually am able to predict things that are gonna happen next. It's been weird but this explains a lot 👌

i have experienced this alot....

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I have one on my lower back but off to the right side. It's upside down. My neice has the same one right side up on her back but closer to her shoulder. We both see spirits. I've seen and hear them. Sometimes just feel them near. Wow I also feel physically ill when I hurt someone emotionally. Sometimes I hear what people are thinking. And know who's going to call before phone rings. I also get messages in my dreams from people who would like to hear from me. What's weird to me is when I 1st held my neice when she was born-i felt she was my child in a past life. Yrs later my brother showed me her heart shaped birthmark.

I have one in the center of my neck this truly explains alot I mean my mom was spooked by me I love nature people seem to be calmed by me especially little kids l. One day I'm walking with my nephew like we always do and a little boy and his brother are playing I look over and turn back to my nephew nxt thing I know the little boy is in front of me just staring and I'm really freaked by now his brother tries to come get him and then the little boy scream she's an angel to his brother can't you see it an angel and the older brother looks shocked to see his brother talks to me and the older brother looks at me with awe expression most weirdest part of my life.

hi I have a heart shaped birthmark but im not sure about all the stuff that were said animals seem 2 be attracted 2 me and so r boys I can also sense bad and good spirits and sometimes have dejjavu

I have mine on my left wrist also Ive noticed im really good at sencing other nature before meeting them. Also ive noticed wild animales and pets are drawn to me a lot of my friends pets who are mean to others come up to me and are just calm and nice. An i feel more calm around and relaxed around or in water. Also a tip for everyone spend time near the water and clear your minds it helps