I Have Three Spirit Cats

I Know - I Know

Many of you reading this will not believe my story.  Truth be told, it doesn't matter, to each their own.

I'm going to try to keep this short & simple.  I have found three spirit cats in my bed.  The Most ironic part is I Love Big Dogs.  I am not a cat person. 

Cat #1)  I'm laying on my bed half a sleep when I became aware of a four paw being walking next to me.  OMG What is this?  I don't even remember when or how I figured it out.  I have a spirit cat making itself right at home next to me.  I started to see him  leaving imprints as he goes, as he walks on my comfoter around me.  Then one day I'm on my back and watched him climb on my belly.  It didn't take long for him to sleep on my right foot, when it was time to go to bed.  As time went on, I became attached to this spirit cat, almost being amused.  But then it happened.

Cat #2)  I'm laying on my bed half a sleep when I became aware of a second four paw being walking slowly, but not to near me.  I knew this cat really didn't want anything to do with me.  Well, they do have their own personalities.  I had fun for my own amusement to pretend I was asleep each night.  So I could chuckel quietly knowing I tricked him.  I spoke with my dear best friend who told me "Cat #1 is here to comfort you & cat #2 is here to protect you".  That made sense to me, there's too many ghost walking through my home.  And then OMG I can't believe it, here comes

Cat #3)  I'm laying on my bed half a sleep when I became aware of 2 paws coming up from behind me.   This cat is playing "Gotcha - Gotcha again" with my hair annoying the H*** out of me.  He's the young one.

Here I am laying on my bed half a sleep with 12 paws all over me.  When everyone settles down, I have 1 on each foot and one on my pillow.  I lay there shaking my head, wondering why I didn't get a Big Dog instead.

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hi im the same as you have had dogs since growing up now i also have a spirit cat i have asked it to reveal its self ?have you a message ? there must be so reason a spirit cat choohes whos bed it sleeps on ,i have also done the image a whit light going around your body the spirit cat didnt turn up the night i did it,any one explain the spirit cat

I do think they have different reasons for each of us. I hope someday you find out what yours is.......

Yep, its pretty cool.

awwww, I hope that feels good for you.

I am so glad that someone else has had an experience with spirit cats. I had a cat for about 10 years. We ended up having 2 put her 2 sleep because of feline leukemia. For years i have felt her jump onto my bed and walk around.Even now as an adult I feel her from time 2 time.

Interesting. Thanks for sharing.

No he wont show himself to me I just here him walking around our kitchen<br />
and I do know that he is part wolf<br />
My youngest daughter is part Indian and It is her spirit guide<br />
but for some odd reason I am the only one who can here him <br />
my youngest can see him from time to time

cute...Peedee. Everyone needs a Peedee, oh..your dog would be nice too.<br />
<br />
#1 trick with stuck up cats (unless their old) is to totally ignore them like you don't care. If you act like you want to know them, that's when they stick their nose in the air.

I love cats! But, sometimes they love you and sometimes they don't! PeedeeDog loves me all the time. He thinks I walk on water. Shhhhh....Don't tell him I don't! :-)

Cool....I would of loved to have been you......that sounds like so much fun. Although I never have, training is impressive. Being in a show would be awesome!!!!!!! I love watching dog shows on tv.

what's up with that?????<br />
I'm interested in your dog. Can you see him, hear him, is he protective at the door, or sleep with you?<br />
<br />
I saw a spirit wolf howling one night on my back deck. If he was trained I would definitely take him.

ok no joke<br />
what is funny about this <br />
I'm a cat person <br />
and we have a spirit dog in our house<br />
go figure

(((angelwings))) but I love big dogs! I would take Lucky anytime for you, if there is a reason too.<br />
<br />
Josie, DOGS RULE!!!

giggles. I'm a dog person too. When I want to see a cat ... I go to the neighbors.