Two Weirdos

One of my cats sits at the door and talks to me all day continually.

The other one is terrified of everything that moves.

Its funny in a pitiful kind of way.


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3 Responses Feb 28, 2009

Heehee. Does anyone have a cat that ISN'T strange? My rescue cat loves me but wants to sleep in a little cave of her own. She will never lose her fear of terror and starvation. She has a fetish for plastic bags and loves to bite my socks. She once chased my neighbour's gigantic dufus dog off the property in protection of my dog. My other cat likes to sleep with us but considers himself the mightiest lion-like hunter there ever was. He brings home rabbits, snakes, and frogs. He can smell prawns from the farthest reaches of our acreage and will appear at the table for his share. My dog has strange traits too, but that's another story.

I had a cat that LOVED plastic bags too....which terrified me! Her breeder recommended putting one inside a sock.

I love that your cat brings you trophies - there is no greater love than a cat bringing you "food." :)

Talk back to the talker. You might be surprised how much they really understand. As for the timid one, do all that you can to help her/him get over it. Introduce things to her slowly and give treats. Give lots of TLC and quality loving time. Talk and explain things to him. If it was feral when very young, it may never get over being so timid, esp if the mother was feral. Any point with Ceiling Cat are important!

Love them. Love ALL cats. They will love you for it and you will build up points with the Ceiling Cat. Trust me on this.