Kevin Spacey...Not A Strange Crush To Me,Anyway


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9 Responses Mar 1, 2009

Sorry, PW I don't remember the name... Cheers!

I think hes a good actor. I like Al Pacino. Robert Deniro and Tom Selleck

oh ehm geee.<br />
great pics! :D<br />
*drool* <br />

That's not strange. A few years ago I used to go to a Kevin Spacey fan site. I think it's gone now, though.

He is one of my favorite actors, I love his movies, good choice.

not strange at all. spacey is a hunk. i always wanted to be the blonde in american beauty. ...<br />
<br />

I loved him in Pay it Forward

Those were great!!

I love Kevin Spacey!! Good choice, but I don't think it's strange.