A Few....

 Matthew Gray Gubler 



Micheal Shanks...Well, actually not so much the actor but a character he plays...

Dr Daniel Jackson....  *Sigh*

Richard Hammond... 



Carmine Giovinazzo, aka Danny Messer from C.S.I NY


See a pattern emerging?



Yes...I have a thing for geeks... 


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7 Responses Mar 1, 2009

I have pillow cases with Michael Shanks on them. Strange I know i just think he is great

Richard Hammond... Yum. :)

you left out Doogie Howzer

I know this post is old, but Matthew Gubler is super-sexy. If he wasn't famous....I'd still stalk him. Heck, I stalk all hot nerds anyway! My husband is a hot nerd who was homeless and couch-surfing when I met him. ♥ ....now that I think about it....he looks a lot like Sir. Gubler. 0.0

i can absolutely groove with the michael shanks choice :D

Drives into walls is a problem, but what's wrong with being short? (Not that I've actually ever heard of this guy.) :-)

Geeks are HOT HOT HOT!!!!