Stranger Than Fiction

Some more of my "strange" celebrity crushes. 

Mr. Tom "Ed of Stuckyville" Cavanagh:


Paul "Harvey Pecar" Giamatti:


Robert "Hot Celebrity Chef" Irvine:

If you've seen the "Iron Chef" episode with Robert Irvine and Paula Dean, you'll understand why I find him incredibly attractive. 

CuriosityKitten CuriosityKitten
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12 Responses Mar 1, 2009

Different tastes make the world go around. *SMILES*

Oh - and I always had the hottest crush on Chaz Palmenteri.... to this day -- my LORDs that man stops me in my tracks.

Ah - Love Ed's eyes .... I think everyone has different tastes. I prefer dark hair, eyes and a heavy physique - sexy - super sexy if he is intelligent :) I say go girl!!!

Giamatti!! Yes!!

The first is cute, the other two are not. I mean... Giamatti?? :P

It's okay. LOL

I must be getting old.....they all look the same..he! he!

Thanks, MG!!

Thanks, MG!!

your weird tastes is why we all love you ck!!

I know. I've got weird tastes. *SMILES*

What?! LOL