Strange - Well Maybe

Strange Celebrity crush eh? It would have to be Kate Beckinsale -specifically - vampire Selene - OMG, as far as I am concerned - she can bite me anywhere she wants. Underworld is one of the few movies of the vampire variety that can really get me steamy and in need of a serious cold shower. The other crush that could come close is Shakira - which is self explanatory. If I ever do get married, the wife has to learn how to move like Shakira does or we are not making it to the altar or anywhere else. Watching Shakira shake her thang is like turning up the heat full blast on a midsummer day.

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8 Responses Mar 2, 2009

For me, it was Chris Sarandon in Fright Night...bite me baby!!

Selene is something special indeed :P

oooooh i love underworld, and scott speedman is so savory in underworld.

Of course it is.....<br />
<br />
I still fancy Wayne Brady, though!

uhm....its a joke

Well, that's just weird.....!

i had a crush on Lassie then i found out he was a crossdresser i was sooooo heartbroken :-(

I have a crush in Wayne Brady.<br />
<br />
He's a total hunk!