Terribly Embarassed

I am terribly embarassed...but


aqua59 aqua59
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10 Responses Mar 10, 2009

that is funny yo

Wait a second, food and food preparation can be very romantic, erotic and a fine way to engage in very intimate activities, who cares about afterward!

Hey! What could be better? She could lick my spoon too!

Look at the bright side Aqua...after some wild sex with her, she'll prepare you a fine meal to boot! ;-)

She does appear to be....

errr...is Rachel cooking in her underwear?

My soon to be ex husband loves her too. Not so strange, Aqua.

Well good...thought I was going to take much flak for that admission.

I have a male friend who has a crush on her too. He says it's because she's cute and seems very real and approachable. I don't see it as being so strange.

what's so strange about Rachel Rhea?