John Malkovich

Mmm-hmm, you read that right.

John Malkovich.

I used to wonder how actresses could do such intimate scenes with him and not be repulsed...








I want to be one of them.


John Malkovich.


He's ssssssssexay.

DelightfulBabe08 DelightfulBabe08
3 Responses Mar 17, 2009

Umm, good question. I'm not really sure, he's got this way of being "evil" in a lot of the characters he plays and somehow it's kinda sexy.

There is nothing strange about Gavin, deary, nothing whatsoever. :p<br />
John Malkovich, now he's strange crush or not. hehe.

Heeyy, I don't think this is "bad", odd? yes, bad? Mm, nah.