I do have a strange crush, ive always had a crush on Brian Williams cause he's so conservative and all, I would love to make him be bad in bed with I also have a crush on steven tyler which some chicks don't get, you know the guy from aerosmith. you know he's a straight up freak. So ya two total opposite type of people I have a crush on. hella good.

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Steven Tyler - ick. Well whatever floats yer boat :)

OH okay, i know who he is cause i love bramstoker's dracula, very good movie and he is HOT in that one for sure.

Some UK dude, he is sexy,<br />
this is a imdb link, its safe, he is an actor<br />
check that sexy man out

oh sorry im not sure who Gary Oldman is? what movie did he play in. Oh untamed prince ya it is crazy, that was the first thought that came to mind and i remembered alicia but wasn't sure if liv was in that one too, she was. I love the get a grip album though those songs are the ones i listened too when i was like 21.

Lololol, no,no, no, he is funny to me, I hope he finds somebody to help him out, though, poor thing..

thanks curiositykitten, i think you meant Gary Coleman didn't you Astarte? The black dude from different strokes, shoot if that's the right dude you should find a way to get a hold of him and let him know cause the last interview i seen on that dude, he said he was a poor guy. He was all im sick of it.

lol, Brian Williams, lol, but i am crushing on Gary Oldman for years, there is just something so sexy about that man, i just wannna bite him!

Brian Williams is an intelligent man. That's not too strange.

I thought that was the one with just alicia silverstone hmm haven't seen the vids in awhile...oh ya and the get that farmer boy to go with them wish i had a cool rock star dad.

lol its Liv Tyler, but yes she is beautiful, i guess cause her mom was like a model or i like her too. I like her in that video with alicia silverstone, now i know its her dad's video but i can't member the song, now im gonna have to go check out utube.