Silly Little Lila

Today I found out that my 3 year old niece Lila talks about me to all of her new Pre-school friends. Im one of her many aunts, we arent blood related but I see her every weekend. She said "my friend Kayla likes you" and i didnt under stand what she meant so I asked her and she said that she told Kayla how we play with barbies and play-doh. Lila is an older sister to a 1 year old Jay, Jay is constantly hogging the spot light. Me and Lila have a very special relationship where she can tell how i am feeling and we have so much fun together. I asked Lila what she would do if I died and never came back, She said that she would cry and cry then ride a horse to heaven and bring me home. I couldnt help but laugh since her obsession with horses is getting worse. Lila loves me more than anyone in the world. She also asks me if im always gunna be sad and I tell her yes sometimes. I would like some more friends but right now Lila is one of the only people who loves me like i love them.
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Lila sounds a lot like my Maggie. She must really adore you. :)

Children have remarkable sensitivity to the feelings of other people. Lila sounds like a very sweet little three year old, and smart, too. It's nice that you feel so close in spirit to her. I hope that you'll find some other people to talk to about things like always being sad too though, because athough Lila will want to help you to not be sad, she is only three. She can play with Barbies and so on, but she isn't an involved adult in your life; she isn't even your peer, (who might have ideas, experience, and skills to help you be less sad). Could you ask your mother or sister or another family member you trust if you could talk when they are free for a minute? That way, you'll have their undivided attention, and you can tell them that you're feeling sad a lot. Think about the things you'll need to feel better, and how they can help you, so you can give them a few ideas. They probably will have some suggestions to offer you as well. And then you can continue enjoying your darling niece without making her worry and get upset, not knowing how to help make you happy. I think that you'll feel better if you do that, too. I wish you the very best as you grow into some interesting, challenging years. Don't give up. Keep up with your schoolwork, see if there are any arts or sports or music activities you could participate in after school...choir, maybe? If you feel as if you're falling behind in your classes, tell your mother right now. Perhaps she could arrange for you to have a tutor give you a boost in a math class, for example, or language arts, EVEN halfway through the school year. Clearing up a problem like that will ease your load, if you are feeling burdened by one. If you're not really too sad, then be happy with your little niece, and you'll have a devoted, and care-free fan for life. I would love to know that you and Lila both are being cared for and raised well by the adults in your lives, and won't need to turn to each other for most of what you need emotionally...someone to listen, bounce ideas off, suggest advice, or pick out new outfits at the mall, even. Lila will need people to help her, too, in the fast approaching years ahead. I wish you the very best, Pangirl.