So my grandma's sister's husband's sister (following me here?) has a daughter. We'll call her Nat. She would always complain that her head hurt, but her grandmother would yell at her and tell her to shut up because she just wanted to avoid studying and doing homework. But Nat was like no forreal my head hurts a lot. Her grandma still refused to take her to a doctor to check this out because she refused to believe her. One day Nat explained her excruciating pain to her mother who then insisted for Nat's grandmother to take her to a doctor. Nat's mother was too busy herself because she was an important person at work. Nat's grandmother only called Nat's mom gullible and said that no child this young'a head can hurt. (Nat was in high school) One day, Nat woke up realizing her vision was serverly blurred. Her grandmother didn't buy it but at this point her mother was too worried so she dropped work and went to the doctors with her. It turns out a tumor has been developing in her brain and that it has gotten so big that they could not operate. Her nerves were being crushed. Some have does already and soon she will become completely blind. If she had come earlier they could have taken the tumor out and the problem could have easily been solved but since she has waited so long to come there was nothing they could do. Nat is now blind. Her grandmother basically ruined her life. When Nat's mother confronted her with the results she only innocently said "Well how was is supposed to know"
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As soon as I had the money leave, I'd like duces and I'm out.

I hope her eyes get plucked from her head. That's a mean grandmothe.

THAT'S ALL SHE SAiD? ARE U SERiOUS? what a stupid and careless grandmother

That's so sad! Any child of mine was sick, I would be down the doctors right away!, and the mother is no better, should have put her duty as a mother first and her work second!!! ask me the Grandmother and Mother are both to blame!
However I hope Nat lives a full happy life, and not let blindness hold her back, I wish her so much luck and happiness :O)