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My family and I share lots and lots of laughs and this is only between my immediate family (the ones who live with me: mom, dad, and brother). Maybe like a month ago or whenever Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist came out, the four of us watched it downstairs in my basement, where we have a projector and my family's a bunch of freaks so we didn't bother watching the movie,,..we spent all our time listening to the music in the background. After, probably at 1 in the morning my dad's on iTunes, buying the soundtrack. In the car, we listened to it over and over again. But there's this one song that always gets the four of us going: Ottoman. It starts off and the beginning sounds like an xylophone or something and it's JUST the right tempo to do the robot. So here we are, my family of four in the car, doing the robot. My brother's doing that thing with his arm and my dad's just doing his own thing..(: We were doing the robot and I just happened to look over and these two girls were laughing at us, but I was thinking "Oh, what the hell, I'm never gonna see them again," and kept doing it. So, if you're ever in New Jersey and you see a car full of people doing the robot, that's probably my family and me(:

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3 Responses Mar 24, 2009

Go for it, lol moments with family are so very precious grab them well you can... I dare you all to put tinfoil hats on, and do the robot hahahaha

That sounds like the best sort of family to have. Nothing freaky about that. Your family is a good example of how it should be.

That Rocks so hardcore lol I wanna hang with you and your family lol I love dancing in my car, even if it DOES make me look like a total dork.... I'm ok with that