Water Monsters

When I was little, my siblings got a kick out of telling me about the monsters that dwelled in the pools, rivers, lakes, ocean spots that we frequented. My sister had a book and would show me pictures and make extremely elaberate stories of how 'This one lives in Roslin Lake and eats you feet first so you feel their teeth all the way up your body till you eventually died!' And such other horrors. Laying eggs in your skin, crushing you, eating you inside out, all these fun things. She didn't come swimming with us often, but my brothers did. They had the same sort of stories except they'd tell them while we were IN the water, so you know, feel some seaweed brush my leg, start screaming that a 12 eyed octopus was about to get me. I freaked out so badly at Blue Lake that I almost accidentally drowned my brother. I jumped on him for support and it was too deep so we sank.
I can't hardly even swim in pools, either. Although, now I use this fear as a tool. I watch a lot of water creature horror films because nothing else scares me anymore. I just watched Leviathan, the 80's Peter Weller movie, I got so scared! But it was good, I hadn't seen a good one in a long time.
It's an unnatural fear, monsters.... I KNOW that they don't exist the places I swim, like pools, but I still get afraid of them because I feel that they might be there.
YesMonty YesMonty
18-21, F
Jul 22, 2012