A Series Of Unfortunate Events

I have ichthyophobia. It's the fear of fish.
i guess it all started when i was a 5 years old, short legged kid. One day, my late grandpa took me to an aquarium store. in the middle of the store, there was a huge pool. I could'n see what was in the pool, so i climbed the pool's edge to get a better view when suddenly a giant, vicious fish head appeared in front of me and i believed it was trying to eat me since it has it's mouth open and all, showing all those sharp teeth, and flipping its huge tail intimidatingly. pffftttt...

i was shocked, i fell backwards and i cried. i somehow managed to forget the incident when one day, some years later, i went diving and encounter a damn, huge, ugly fish. that, definitely triggers the trauma back. never again went diving, swimming, fishing till this day.

I have carpophobia. I'ts the fear of wrist.
just thinking about it makes me cringe. i have no idea why, but i hated it very much when something brushes against my wrists. feels like they are going slit open, dripping mass blood. ughhh...
kinda hard sometimes when holding hands, the other person might accidentally touches my wrist and i would cringe like mad and its hard to explain later. this phobia is just too weird. ..*sigh*

I have claustrophobia. Fear of small spaces.
when i was a kid, i accidentally ended up getting trapped inside an abandon car wreck while playing. no one was around at that time, so nobody could hear my crying for help. i dont know how long i was in that thing. but i remembered that i had hard time breathing. maybe because i panicked and was crying so hard. then suddenly my childhood friend came and set me free. he was looking for me when i didn't showed up at his house to play.

ever since that day, i avoided small spaces. i didn't even like riding in elevator. i would avoid it whenever i can. same goes with plane. i had to take sleeping med whenever i had to fly.

I have aquaphobia. Fear of water.
i had drowned once at a public pool. even though the pool was full with people that day, but apparently, no one noticed that there was a kid drowning. someone did saved me just in time though and my parents sent me to swimming classes after the incident. but too late, even though i can swim now, but that doesn't heal my aquaphobia.

it's worst when i'm at a lake, river or sea. not helping that i'm scared of fishes too. sometimes when i reached at the deepest part of a pool, i will suddenly get horror-stricken. so, no more swimming for me, unless i really really have too.

p/s : pardon my English, its not my mother tongue. :)
mistfox mistfox
26-30, F
Dec 15, 2012