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My Biggest Fear Of Many...

Mine is quite Abnormal as I don't know anyone that suffers from the same. I'm highly terrified of going to the doctor! I have to go today and if it wasn't for my best friend making the appointment for me and driving me there I wouldn't go I would rather die...

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You are not alone, infact there is a whole group on EP;

i guess all those comments below understands about ur past bad experience but ,not all doctors are "evil" ,like not all clowns are scary , i guess i made my point :> , always give chances ,never give up ,given up is the attribute of losers and quitters ,and i see a fighter in u ,who survived an awful experience that we only see in movies .... so bad but true ur afighter so take a deep breath and step forward <3 ,wish u all the best in life .

i am havin a baby, so they try to load me down w/ appts. i hate it soooo much!!! its actually bad for my health!!! my blood pressure goes thru the roof the whole wk of each appt. its so bad it makes me horribly sick wk b4 and wk after!!! b4 the baby i only went to hospital if i was dying- literally!!! if any1 knows any tricks to get thru this, PLS PLS reply to me!!!

I agree 100% with racingfaerie. hugs!

Try to sort out where the fear is seated within you. Is it based on perhaps a pending/suspected diagnosis or something more along the lines of shots/needles? Once you identify the fear, take the power out of it by acknowledging it and letting it go. Cheers!