There's A First Time For Everything.

I am really proud of myself at the moment. Hard to believe...

I'm eating in front of people for the first time in 23 years. I just decided that tonight is the night
. I'm all alone in a quiet corner of a restaurant at the airport close to my house and I just ordered myself a burger.

It's scary as hell. I know I'm weird I just had such a terrible experience as a child that I completely stopped eating in front of anyone. If there are people I just don't eat.

So now I'm distracting my mind with writing my story and eating my food. :)

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2 Responses Jan 22, 2013

That's the spirit. live your life and be free.


may i ask you...
what made you stop eating in front of people?

(if you don't want to answer it, i understand, i was just wondering)

wow... that's pretty tough! that's a terrible situation. Really good you decided to DO it today, in my country we say: a good beginning, is half the job :) keep it up!

How did it feel, to eat in front of other people? Did you do it again? Are you going to do it again? How do you feel about that moment when you were 9 years? Is your father still alive? If so did you talk with him about it? Do you want to get rid from this negative emotions? Did you ever try time line therapy on NLP?