Odd Fears.

I'm afraid of the standard things that most people are, such as death, speaking in public, etc. I also have some more unusual fears, some of which are sort of broad, while others are surprisingly specific.
The first, and strongest fear I have, which could almost be described as a phobia but not that bad (yet) is a fear of aquatic life and the ocean in general. This is kind of odd because I don't have a fear of all sea life, such as sea lions and other cute animals like that, but fish and even whales will freak me out. Going to sea life centers is very difficult for me, especially when they have displays with hideous monstrous fish. As far as I'm concerned, monsters that ugly shouldn't belong on my planet! I'm joking of course, but seriously, have you seen some of those deep sea fish?! H. P. Lovecraft couldn't think of creatures that freaky looking!
I often have nightmares involving fish and the ocean. Often times these dreams revolve around being stuck deep in the ocean while giant things of some kind swim around me, I can't see them, but I can feel them moving around me, monstrous and frightening. I've also had dreams where I'm stuck in a sea life center, with huge, hideous fish like sea serpents in tanks everywhere, and I try to leave but no matter what hallway I run down, there's still more tanks with more monsters.
One really sad thing, is that I can no longer have any kind of fish, not even goldfish. Having them didn't actually bother me, but whenever I had them, I would have nightmares about checking on their tank and would find them grown to huge proportions, lurking in a suddenly very dark tank. As you may have guessed, this fear tends to revolve around the darkness of water, and the largeness of the creatures that live in it.
That is my most prominent fear, but I do have some other odd ones. I have a very strong fear of people coming into my room while I'm asleep, and I would wake up, and there would just be this looming person standing there in the shadows.
I also get this flash of fear every time I lift up the lid of the toilet that I'm going to find a severed head in the bowl.
I always have to keep my toes under a blanket or sheet because I'm afraid if I don't something will eat them.
I have to sleep with a light on because if I don't my mind and body go into HYPERACTIVE DANGER DEATH MODE and everything in the room potential becomes an attacker/monster.
I don't currently have my license because I can't afford car payments or even insurance, and so I sometimes have nightmares about driving illegally (and badly) and getting pulled over the police.
Anyway, those are some weird things I'm afraid of. Despite some strong fears, I still love watching horror movies, which seems like kind of a stupid thing to do, but what can I say, I'm a sucker for horror.
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I found you KazelDragon! I'm JoraJorel, also known online as Corwin. Loved this entry...I too sometimes dream of fish & aquariums. Sometimes fun & sometimes scary. I read somewhere that dreaming of underwater scenes and fish means stuff in the subconscious is trying to emerge into the conscious mind. Or maybe it means you went to scary aquarium when little ;-) Hugs, me

"I don't currently have my license because I can't afford car payments or even insurance, and so I sometimes have nightmares about driving illegally (and badly) and getting pulled over the police." <br />
<br />
Wow, I had the EXACT SAME nightmares before I got my license and got used to driving. Mine also had this tendency to include getting really, REALLY lost, and that just made it worse. :(

I have the foot fear too...I absolutely can NOT fall asleep with out my feet being under a blanket or something because I'm afraid someone or something will grab them and pull me away.

ha ha........I'm the same way about my feet sticking out of the covers. Even if I'm burning up I have to have them covered because I think something (not so much someone) will ..ever so lightly...touch the bottom of my feet. And one night while I was sleeping my foot slipped out and I felt something touch my foot....I panicked and started hyperventilating until my boyfriend popped up and said it was just him. It wasn't funny at all!

If I watched horror movies I would freak out so bad I'd have to go to the rehab clinic. You're braver than I am, to have those fears and still watch scary shows . . .