Toilet Bowls and Face

I had this really strange fear when i was younger. I used to be afraid of the sound that my toilet bowl made when I flushed it. It was really scary and still is a little. I was also afraid of a character on Nick Jr. called Face. He was a big talking face who would take up the whole tv screen. It was really scary because I had a really big tv.
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that's the strangest fear i've ever heard of...
it maybe funny, bc i'm seeing it from the outside, but i get your fear.
a friend of mine is afraid of small trees (you know, the ones in the process of growing?)

I used to be scared that something would come out of the toilet and get a mutant hand or something *shudders* ...or that it would overflow when I flushed it (maybe that's because when I was really young I saw a toilet overflow at my grandma's house)

There was shadow's that would scare me when I was younger. I remember staring at a belt laying on the floor for a half an hour because it looked like a snake, until I had enough courage to turn on the light.

speakinf of little sister of scared of her own when she was about 2...imagine a little toddler runnin' around in circles staring at her own shadow and screaming bloody was too funny! :D

When I was little, I would take care of everything, flush, and run out the door as fast as I could before the water went down. I had the idea that there was a snake down there that would crawl up my butt if I didn't follow that procedure. <br />
I was scared to death of helicopters, I called them heckacopters cause I wasn't supposed to say hell.<br />
Clowns terrified me.

I remember Face! He *was* pretty creepy.

I dont like the sound of the tolet flushing if im a bit spooked, if ive been watching a horror film or thriller, i think its going to drown out the sound of someone creeping up behind me