Fears, Phobis, Irrational and Not, I've Got Them All.

My fears are something I've always had to work with. Even when I was a baby I had nightmares. Horrible nightmares I still remember, about things that little children shouldn't even know about. I have ALWAYS been scared of the dark . . . irratioanlly scared, but have worked with my shrink with that and have gotten slowly better.


When I was younger I struggled with extreme germophobia, and was a hypochondriac to the max. As I've gotten older, I have not been able to shake my health fears, and I'd say those are some of my worst. With being scared of germs, and getting sick, I am scared of basically all health problems there are.


I'm very scared of all animals that are larger than me, and very scared of dogs, unless they are very small and quiet dogs. I have struggled hard with pannic attacks from even seeing a dog across the street on a leash.


I have so many fears I don't have time to say them all.

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I totally understand your fear about germs and the hypochondriac tendencies you carry. I have the same thing. I'm flippin terrified to get sick and infections scare the crap outta me!! I had a bad infection as a child that left me affected for life. I panic over symptoms and convince myself that I have cancer. it's awful. It will ruin your life if you allow it. I have kids and I also panic over them. It's like the fear transferrs to them and it's awful. They pick up on that too, that's what's even worse! <br />
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Although it's horrible, I'm relieved to hear that someone else has them too. Remember that you are the boss of you, and nothing else can control you or take over your mind unless you allow it to occur. (unless ur MPD) Be the master of your fears and keep them at bay. I do the best I can to make that happen for me.