My Strange Habit That Everyone Who Looks At Me Will Know

The one extremely weird habit I have is that when I'm sitting down to study, I have my elbow on my table and my head on my hand which allows for easy access for me to rub and sort of pick at my eyelashes. I have like half a centimetre on both ends of my upper eyelids that are hairless. *blushes, but not in a good way* I kinda know I'm doing it, but at the same time I don't realize it when I'm rubbing my eyes. If I consciously try to stop myself from picking my eyelashes, I start scratching the skin on my hands or arms or scalp. My psychology professor told me that it's possible that I've associated the negative parts of studying with my eyes (I have glasses and usually contact lenses). I've never consulted my doctor about it though. It's such a strange habit...
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I used to do that too!

Appregitiated. I love to understand women better

If I was reading or concentrating really hard, I'd sometimes find myself gnashing my teeth or occasionally scratching myself. Other times I'd have a pen or pencil in my hand and find myself gripping it tightly. When I was concentrating on a task I was thinking,"Damn! There's gotta be an easier way of doing this!" So there might be something to what your psych professor said. Maybe all of that was a way to release some of that nervous negative energy.

Maybe thinking about studying in a more positive manner would help you...but yeahh like that's going to happen, right? Or maybe you can do like I do, and just grab an eraser or pen just to keep your hands occupied. Busy hands could make for happy eyelashes. :) Anyway, I don't think anyone would really notice what you are doing unless they were singling you out.

@Frenel LOL I just burst out laughing when I read to think about studying in a positive manner. Yeah, no, not gonna happen haha. But yeah, it's not like anyone is going "Hey! Hey you! You have a few missing eyelashes! Stop rubbing your eyes!" The odd thing is, whenever I'm reading for pleasure, I never do that to my eyes. Go figure.

@Frenel Another thing, thanks for your advice about keeping my hands occupied. I happened to have a quarter in my hand that sort of helped until I realized I was just endlessly twirling it about and wasting more time, but that's beside the point haha :)