i had a dream, that i was on a bus and me and a few people i knew were, there faces were clear,  we stooped at this place that look like a college, but the floor was marble,and the college was like glass with gold trimming every where, all the ppl that were on the bus went inside to like a confreence room a girl told me i did not need to go in there.so they alll walked out did not look at me, then i told the girl i want to go, she told me that, that was a bad idea and , then i said ok... it look so beautifyl my heart was like i felt like i was more than love..i was attracted by , feeling overwheelmed of happineses, then i told the girl this is beautiful , and it look so close but she told me it was fra and said we have a long way to go, every dream i have this girls , helps me find my way around i turst her and she never hutrs me.. then clouds coverd every inc, N,S,E,W,.. and i woke up
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18-21, F
Jun 3, 2010