Standing For God

In this world today the people who believe in in god have to face more then just the devil. On a day to day basses we have to stand against the evil acts of the world around us, like people saying " if gods real why is there so much suffering in the world" and when we say its all in gods plan they think we are stupid. Then the thing that absolutely kills me is when I can't talk about my beliefs because it might "offend" someone, but yet they can talk about the way they believe and I can not say a word. God was not kidding when he said "pick up your cross and follow me." I believe he said that because he knew that we would not be abole to stand for him without our cross.

jpsander19 jpsander19
18-21, M
1 Response Sep 9, 2010

I am an Atheist. I respect everyone's right to believe in whatever they choose. But this implies you are the downtrodden, you are being picked on by the majority. Trust me you are not. You think you can't say that you believe in God, try telling people you don't. I agree with you, that people have no problem listening to beliefs so long as they fit their own, but put yourself in others shoes. Whenever I see a horrible, tragic accident everyone thanks God, not the the advancements in medical technology and the scientists and engineers who created them or the doctors who spent hours repairing their injuries. I use currency that proclaims "In God We Trust" not to mention no one in our nation would be elected president if they denounced faith in God. Again, I want to mention belief has led many to lead great, fulfilling and peaceful lives, and to those I am grateful. But we can't ignore the religious strife in the middle east and lunatics who murder doctors in the name of God. If He has a plan it is vindictive, and horrible, not all loving. An omnipotent being who is all loving would not give bone cancer to children and would not allowing starvation in some places while condoning gluttony in others. If, as you claim this is part of His plan he is either not all knowing, or not all loving it's one or the other.