I Was Raised In Church

My great Grandmother, my gran, raised me in church from the time I can remember. She was what they refer to as "hard shell" Baptist. I am at the point in my life where I believe in God, I believe in Jesus < and I believe in the Holy Spirit. I am non denominational, but my faith in God is strong. After I began living in chronic pain, I found myself praying more and more. Had it not been for God, I really believe I wouldn't be here even now. So yes, I have strong faith in God, but I will not say that any religion is wrong, or that any is right. To me, it's ones own personal relationship with God that matters, however the Bible does say that you can't get to the father (God) except through Jesus, the son. I also think every one is entitled to their own beliefs, and I will not debate this issue because I see no need to try to change any ones mind, and would not want someone trying to change mine.
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amen i am non denominatoinal too

I believe that with age comes wisdom, and if you ask me people that claim to be this or that denominations are setting some poor examples, not all , but a few. Enough to make me wonder things like who has the right to judge who is right, and who is wrong. I felt it was time for me to break free from being "programmed" by people with the agenda to push their beliefs, based on facts that can be interpreted in more ways than one, and can be twisted around to make them look right even if they are not ....

I respect your beliefs and agree with your approach to others.

I believe in thinking for myself and with age comes wisdom and I find myself with more questions than answers.