I Believe God Answers Prayers

  I know my Lord is the King of Kings , he created everything around us ..and makes it known to us what we as his children are supposed to do and he is all forgiving ... can you imagine having that big of a heart ... i know in my life i have people i still have grudges against from ten yrs ago ... Praise him !!!
starstruck2xtrme starstruck2xtrme 26-30, F 3 Responses May 22, 2007

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I also believe...

I agree with you, need to get rid of the grudges......unforgiveness, will stand in the way, of your's a poison....and it can make you physically/spiritually ill....

My daughter was healed, because of all the prayers that were sent up to God, on her behalf....healed of cancer....There is power in the Blood.

The Meeting

Waters lap the shores of a distant land

Crimson, and tension pulls across the rolling surface

One might almost walk across the surface

If the gravity here was a little lighter

Bobbing like a cork in crimson waters with a tight molecular structure

It’s difficult to swim or paddle towards firm ground

The dusk turns deep azure as the triple moons sail overhead

Unsynchronized in orbit, one passes the other quickly

But the two orbs that stay awhile allow for infrared vision

Land or something like it heaves into view and disappears

Alternating current rises and falls in regular rhythm

I continue to paddle in digital form towards the distant shoreline

Alone but surrounded by a busy sea

Frothing and flowing but somehow strangely muted

Like sounds after a heavy snowfall on Terra are quieted and stilled

This is not there, and here is an unusual discovery at each moment

Purplish flumes rise at the meeting of sea and shore

Their contorting strangely comforting

Branrish beach approaches me quickly

Its sparkling surface ignorant yet beckoning my arrival

Left I go right to a cartwheel across the “sand” of fine crystals

Finishing on curves and splayed limbs

My thick and tentacled lower limbs gyrate slowly over the surface

Keeping me erect on the shimmering surface

Gliding my torso forward I push my smell and sighting senses forward

Frequencies hum across my mandibles; my long whiskers gathering spectrum

Uniquely rhythmic is this place, but not over there

I sense a void in the natural order of things

Out of place and created by other hands

Not alive like the rest of the atmosphere here

Approaching with childish curiosity I attempt to recognize the non-pattern

A monument of some sort it appears to me

With strange scratching on its dark but shiny surface

Dead and cold and a testament to a civilization long forgot

Oddly emplaced and obviously forgotten

Disappointed, I move onward

Impatient, I gather and spread my foursome wings and take flight

Rising above the surface I gather speed and objectively observe

Using peripheral senses to collect rather than my primaries

I guide myself by the syncopated and asymmetric natural rhythms of this place

Moving slowly forward I survey the undulating landscape

Until I tire and sleep for the morning

Waking to sounds of singing, a distant and haunting echo

Trembling the hills and moving the rocks

I rise above the quaking earth calmly, not expecting trouble

For why should there be in this place forgotten for millennia

A whirling maelstrom approaches from a great distance

Light and frequencies flashing in a synchronized cacophony

I bow at the feet of the Creator

Helpless and weak as He nears my place

Hidden from sight by enormous clouds and multiple rainbows

Sounds of rushing water murmuring by the millions

Each molecule in song and purpose cascading eternally

The Voice that speaks forth both life and death

Darkness is eliminated in the light

A calming peace at the Feet of the many wheeled throne

Many-eyed wings stand guard in praise

All paths lead to the Feet, and all darkness vainly attempts to flee

Countless beings surround the Throne

. . . . . . . (unable to utter or record)

Time is not here, nor is space

My senses are each and all embraced in perfection

Now I know what I am, what I must do, why I am here, where I must go

Once released I point my trembling hearts in the direction of home

Burning with a fire placed there, impatient for release

Surely this moment I have been touched, to never be the same again . . .

by Compelled Three