My current girlfriend is the sexiest girl that I personally have ever been involved with. I have had encounters with beautiful women, but not a relationship. This is great. The problem is that I'm ready to go at any time, any place with this girl. She thinks that I only like her for sex. She is wrong.

She knows that I have always been fascinted with sex. When she came into my house, she was surprised (disgusted) with all the **** I had. I eliminated that all at once. I have no desire to look at other women whatsoever since she came into my life. Now I know 1st hand what it i like to be in love. She is happy that all my trash is gone but she has it in her head that this is an addiction. She curbed my appetite and now it's all about her.

I can hold my girl all night and not have sex. There was one time when we were a "new" couple and I just held her. The next day I was in a great mood because I felt connected. I was thrilled even though I didn't get laid. I was probably happier than if I did. Anyway, every move I make as far as helping her with the kids, or dinner, or cleaning, she thinks I have ulterior motives. She thinks I'm doing it for sex. It hurts me because I sacrificed alot for this girl and she won't see it because I am cursed with my being a guy andhaving my libido. I'm in love and that's all.

Does anyone else share this problem? I don't know what to do. If I don't come on to her, she thinks something's up. I'm at a loss. Sadly, I believe our relationship is over and now I'm going to be alone again and I have no more **** :-(

Blankfeet Blankfeet
41-45, M
Mar 14, 2010