Hhmmm Another One

Kinda looks like that group picture too! I normally wear sun block but the wind was so cool and the clouds kept hiding the sun and I just forgot. I actually hate putting it on... hate the smell, the feeling and having to stop and do it. Guess I earned another burn.

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3 Responses Mar 28, 2009

me too...I got one yesterday...while watching my son play in a football tournanment...it sucks...im like what the ''bleep'' its march...I aint never got a sun burn in march 4 days after my birthday...what a present...now I like you know to wear sunblock.

i burned myself. over and over and over. ha. i'm a dummy.. but i actually love the smell. isnt that odd? <br />
i think my favorite smell is bug spray though.. i'm minnesotan though, so that could explain it a bit.

i'm a complete dork... i know better and yet i never seem to learn